The Commandant of Queensland’s new Wellcamp looks like a……


Tropes exist for a reason.

Seriously, Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk has all the awareness of a bog in an outback dunny.

So I know J.K. Rowlings is a satanist, but her depiction of Delores Umbridge really did predict the preceding years of Western politics:

Or was it simply Revelation of the Method? Just as likely. We are now beset by female leaders who impose tyranny while insisting that they’re keeping us all safe.

Construction of the Covid Gulag in Queensland is complete. They are flaunting pictures of the female commandant and referring to pending inmates as “guests” It’s as Orwellian as it gets:

The Queensland Regional Accommodation Centre at Wellcamp is set to open for its first arrivals and the Palaszczuk Government has appointed a new Commissioner in charge of Quarantine.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Steven Miles said the facility was ready to support Queensland’s COVID-19 response.

“The Queensland Regional Accommodation Centre at Wellcamp is ready to support Queensland’s response to the Omicron wave,” Mr Miles said.

“This variant continues to place enormous pressure on our COVID-19 health response.

“With the Centre coming online, we have added a purpose-built facility to our options for providing safe and secure accommodation, significantly reducing reliance on hotel quarantine.”

The cattle cars are warming up.

Mr Miles said the facility would be available for unvaccinated international arrivals required to quarantine as well as people who require suitable isolation accommodation.

“There are currently hundreds of people who are required to isolate but cannot isolate at home; travellers who test positive but do not have a home in Queensland, homeless and vulnerable Queenslanders, and those without a suitable home to quarantine in including those with vulnerable household members.

“This number will likely increase through the peak of this wave and there will be an ongoing need for suitable isolation accommodation.

“The facility’s first stage of accommodation modules, offering 500 beds, and operational buildings and facilities has been built and commissioned.

“Our strategy for Queensland’s broader COVID-19 response will continue to be informed by disease modelling and Wellcamp will be here for us when it’s needed.”

The Centre also offers future non-quarantine uses to benefit the local region, including accommodation for visitors, construction and agricultural workers and students.

One of my favourite lines from the Simpsons (yeah, I know) came courtesy of Milhouse:

“Why did I have the bowl?”

If you don’t intend to imprison Covid dissidents, why did you pass the legislation, give ASIO free reign, create a surveillance state and build the gulags?

Mr Miles today announced a dedicated Quarantine Commissioner to oversee operations.

“I’m also pleased to announce the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Assistant Commissioner Joanne Greenfield has accepted the role of Commissioner, Quarantine Management Taskforce,” Mr Miles said.

“Joanne has been working on the quarantine program since the beginning of the pandemic and brings an extensive background in leading large-scale operations in complex environments both in Queensland as well as internationally in a range of disasters including in the health sector.”

Sure. We believe you.

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