Just what is the democratic process?


A protester who stood outside the home of a Dutch politician with a lit torch while ringing a bell has been jailed for six months. The guy who filmed him got four.

The two defendants’ action could ‘disrupt’ the democratic process, ‘at a time when politicians are being threatened from all sides,’ the court said.

That there democracy of theirs sure is looking a tad tawdry. The term ‘democratic process’ is of course a misnomer; a handy throwaway that our great leaders get to use whenever the plebs are getting uppity. You would think that a politician with half a brain would be able to string together the pieces if they are indeed being threatened from all sides. But we humans in leadership positions have a long history of not knowing when we’ve gone too far.

Mary Antoinette went to the guillotine in complete confusion as to why the awful peasants were so upset with her.

Over in gulag kangaroo land the government has thrown a tennis player out of the country, not because he was a threat to public health but rather because he was a threat to the power of those who are using public health as a weapon. Muh democracies in action. Or how about a famous former athletewho is being threatened with prosecution from the election commission for the heinous crime of declaring that the sitting government should be voted out of office. Once again it was a case of, muh democracies.

I used to think that these people did not know what that word means. But it was I who misunderstood the democracies. The abuse of power while giving the plebs the illusion of both participation and representation is what the democratic process has always been about.

The Communists were never so cruel as our own capitalist democratic masters. With Communism, everyone knew exactly where they stood and where the line was. Everyone knew that they dealt in lies and as long as you went along with the illusion then you could at least get on with things.

But here in the West our feckless and deranged leadership class demands total obedience to believing the lies. We must not just utter the untruths; we must absorb them into our very beings. And the biggest lie of all, the gigantic whopper that they shove down our throats at every opportunity is their great democratic process. In Australia, if you do not willingly participate in the great democratic process election events that pop up every few years then you will receive a large fine. And Australians go along with it because from birth we are conditioned to believe, not in God, but in muh democracies!

How’s that for really rubbing your face in it. No other democracy in the world fines its own citizens for not turning up for the charade. They do, however, throw people in jail for standing outside the house of one of their charlatan politicians with an oversize lit match while ringing a bell.

No democratic election result, anywhere on the planet, in the history of the world, has ever given a population a better deal. Instead it has always resulted in a creeping and onerous regulatory nightmare, disguised with the trappings of cheap baubles and superficial thrills, and all while those in charge dig their elbows into the ever tightening trough to gorge themselves on the stolen riches while it’s their turn at the wheel.

That is the democratic process. Always has been.

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