Texas Synagogue Attack proves everybody knows “British” means White


Malik Faisal Akram, 44, held four people hostage at a synagogue in Texas in recent days.


He had been the subject of a British intelligence investigation in 2020, but they probably eased off once they ascertained that he wasn’t a White Supremacist.

It has been rightly noted that the world’s Lying Press quickly reverted to their standard operating procedure, referring to the muslim terrorist as “British”.

The Lying Press routinely diminishes the identity of non-White and non-Christian terrorists and criminals in order to minimise the impact of their violence on the native White populations of the West, whom our governments are deliberately replacing.

I have not read any more details regarding this incident, but I am sure if Islam has been mentioned at all, it has been in the context of reminding people not to blame muslims as a group for the actions of one “extremist”, and that above all, we must not allow this near-tragedy to undermine our commitment to diversity, which is our greatest strength.

So, that’s the motive for calling him British, but it reveals an axiom which should warm the heart of every pureblooded Aryan:

They called him “British” because everybody assumes “British” means “White”.

It’s astounding, given the decades of insistence that “British” can mean any race under the sun. As long as the Paki dragged out of the refrigerated van in Maidstone can be revived, he’s as British as Joe Root. If you disagree with this they’ll lock you up.

The BBC has gone to great lengths to black British history.


The psychological warfare goes even deeper, with taxpayer-funded campaigns scolding native British Whites that they must challenge their innate, subconscious and unconscious racism, to intimidate them out of so much as muttering under their breath about their own replacement.

However, after decades of propaganda and the institution of multiculturalism as the law of the land, everybody still assumes that when we hear “British”, it means White, native British.

And the Lying Press knows it, otherwise they wouldn’t deceptively use the term “British” to take the heat off muslims. The Lying Press knows “British” means “White”, the government knows “British” means “White”, Americans know “British” means White, the jews in that synagogue know “British” means White, and the British bloody well know that the term “British” refers to them and only them. And they’re bloody well White.

And you know what else this means?

Everybody knows multiculturalism is bollocks.

As for the muslims, well, their utter rejection of Liberalism and their willingness to pay any price for their cause is why they’re winning.

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