Our battle against effeminacy


Via the always excellent Father Z I came across this quote from St. Bernard of Clairvaux who was preaching to his men at Vézelay in order to raise troops for the Second Crusade.

“If it were announced to you that the enemy had invaded your cities, your castles, your lands; had ravished your wives and your daughters and profaned your temples – who among you would not fly to arms? Well, then, all these calamities, and calamities still greater, have fallen upon your brethren, upon the family of Jesus Christ, which is yours. Why do you hesitate to repair so many evils; to revenge so many outrages? Will you allow the infidels to contemplate in peace the ravages they have committed on Christian people?

It is the first sentence that interests me the most as it shines a light on the epic weakness of men in our modern times.

St. Bernard took it for granted that the men of his day would rise without hesitation at such a calamity as their lands being invaded, their women being ravished and despoiled and their holy places being profaned. The wrath would have been terrible to behold. Keep in mind just a few centuries after this speech that the English and French fought a war for a hundred years. They weren’t into giving up back then. But how do these words resonate for us today?

Our lands have been invaded in a continual process for over sixty years, and all of it aided and abetted by our own leaders and petty functionaries at the behest of their capitalist masters. In our modern world, those with the money are the ones that make the rules. Our holy places are regularly attacked, set on fire and our priests murdered as they attempt to serve God. But more than that, our Christian Church has been subverted and now openly serves the same hideous masters while they mock the remaining true believers. Our women have been ravished and abused in such awful cases as the Rotherham girls, along with countless others. But worse still, when not being abused, our women rush to embrace the invaders in preference to our own men.

But is it any wonder? Our men are effeminate.

Effeminacy does not mean “femininity,” as femininity is a perfection, like masculinity. Effeminacy is a different word entirely, and in its etymology, we find a definition for things like “softness” in its Latin usage. The Greek word for effeminacy in the New Testament is malakia (μαλακία), which means “softness.”

St. Thomas defines effeminacy as a reluctance to suffer due to an attachment to pleasure. He explains that effeminacy is a vice opposed to perseverance. In essence, effeminacy is a vice that is opposed to the cross, which is an unfortunate characteristic that might explain the multitude of soft men who reject life’s redemptive sufferings in pursuit of temporal pleasure.

Our women are effeminate too. They are also addicted to pleasure, at leading a happy life without burden. “Enjoy life” goes the phrase and then we all do as we wilt in order to maximise the pleasure in whatever debaucheries we consider to be acceptable based upon our own subjective judgements.

We sit and dawdle over video games and porn as all this happens. First they made us soft, then they went about their work. You have to hand it to the architects of this global Satanic agenda; they sure knew what they were doing. Or at least, the one who is directing them certainly knows.

We must forsake pleasure and softness and instead seek out challenges through which we can learn and persevere. If you have no immediate challenges then invent some for yourself.

These men are doing what they can to become hard men. They have no buff physiques honed from years in a gym. But they are just as, if not more powerful from their own workouts. And they are working together, and men are designed to collaborate in this way. To learn from each other. There are no women in their videos. Because women would ruin what these men are trying to build inside themselves.

This is what we need to do in order to rise and defend our lands. We cannot do that now as we are lulled into complacency through pleasure. We play the violin and sip wine as our lands burn. To act we must first be capable of acting. Which is why They come down so hard whenever men attempt to gather. Men’s clubs are vigorously shut down while women’s clubs are encouraged to flourish. Remember Roosh’s attempt at a worldwide meeting of like minded men, to talk and discover each other so they could create bonds?

They came down on that like a tonne of bricks with absurd claims of men gathering so they could learn how to rape. I know, I was there in the midst of it in Melbourne as we attempted to set up the meeting. It was not to be.

But that is okay as we were almost all secular back then, whereas now many of us have returned to God. St Bernard was talking to a very large group of men who all believed in God. Which made it that much more powerful and meaningful. We must learn from history and take heart. It can be done, it can be done. But first we must conquer ourselves.

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