War is upon us


Vox Day has said that the current powers in the world are waging war upon us. By war, he defined as “trying to kill you”. He went on to say that if someone is intent on killing you, that the only way to make them stop, is to kill them first, or at least make them fear being killed by you enough to believe that you would succeed in doing so unless they stopped trying to kill you.

Which then begs the question: when should you take action and start trying to kill the people who are trying to kill you? When should you go to war? Real war. Not pseudo war.

Well, obviously, the first criteria is that you must be certain of is that someone is actually trying to kill you.

The second criteria is that it helps to be certain that if you don’t kill them first, they will succeed in killing you. If you can run away, hide, have some kind of defence that they couldn’t get past, etc, etc, then maybe you might not want to try and kill your enemy because that would make it more likely for them to succeed in killing you, rather than stop them from doing so.

Thirdly you should probably look as to whether or not trying to kill those trying to kill you has any chance of success or not. If you are going to be killed regardless of what you do, then it’s more a question of what does your conscience say is the best way to face that death? Do you walk proudly to your execution or do you go down kicking and screaming and trying to take as many of your enemies with you as possible? Do you die at their hands, or do you die at your own?

I would advise all of you to answer these questions privately. The stupidest thing you can do is look for validation and support of your feelings and opinions on any of these questions, on social media. It is especially stupid to beat your chest on your Facebook or Telegram page in acts of pure false bravado, Fedposting. The antiterrorism units have arrest quotas to fill to secure next year’s budget.

The other thing I will say to you as an almost certainty. If you try and kill the people you believe are currently trying to kill you, you will be killed yourself in the attempt or in the aftermath. It will almost certainly be a suicide mission. Don’t expect to win the war yourself or for yourself. You will die. If many people decide to follow your lead, they will also be killed. Then those who follow them.

Eventually if enough people keep sacrificing themselves and keep getting replaced with more martyrs, then the enemy will themselves be killed after an ocean full of bloodshed.

The enemy has told us they desire a world that they rule over completely and utterly. A world with 95% fewer people in it than currently. So far the vaccines that they have mandated, have not begun to reduce the global population. Births still outnumber deaths.

These are some of the things that people should consider as they decide how best to respond to the assertion being put to them that they are being made war upon.

My final advice is to read your King James Bible and seek your answers in there.

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