Novak Djokovic to play Australian Open: TRIPLE-VAXXED LOSE THEIR MIND


Novak Djokovic has stood his ground and won against Victoria’s insane vaccine mandate. He has been granted an exemption to play at the Australian Open tennis tournament starting soon in Melbourne despite refusing to reveal his vaccination status.

He realised that the Australian Open needs him a lot more than he needs the Australian Open. In doing so, he has set a precedent and an example.

The comments are amazing. People are losing their minds.

The butthurt. It’s beautiful:

Australia has reacted with disgust to news anti-vaxxer Novak Djokovic has been granted an exemption to play in this month’s Australian Open.

Despite public claims by Victorian government officials in recent months the world No. 1 would not be allowed to take part in the grand slam if he wasn’t fully vaccinated, Djokovic is heading Down Under in search of a 10th crown at Melbourne Park.

Djokovic has refused to make his vaccination status public but in April 2020 the 34-year-old said he was opposed to mandatory jabs.

“Personally I am not pro-vaccines,” he said at the time. “I would not like it for someone to compel me to be vaccinated so I can travel.”

Djokovic announced the news of his exemption on social media on Tuesday night, sparking a wave of fury from Aussies — particularly in Melbourne and Sydney — who have endured months of restrictions and lockdowns over the past two years.

Melbourne-based radio host and sports broadcaster Andy Maher was one of many who lashed out.

“Australians have been denied for two years, but this bloke — who’s taken extraordinary liberties in the face of the coronavirus — gets his exemption. Novak Djokovic is an all-time great, but he ain’t essential,” Maher wrote on social media.

Sports writer Daniel Cherny called it “weak as p**s” while ex-AFL star Corey McKernan tweeted: “People with loved ones who are dying / some needing urgent treatment cannot get into their own states. You tell people they can’t go to Coles or a cafe without being vaxxed but if you’re world number 1 you get a pass? F***ing disgrace.”

I could lazily cut and paste more of this Lying Press report, suffice to know that it just goes on like this. Retards are even threatening to boycott the Australian Open:

All this over bread and circuses. But of course, this is about much more than bread and circuses.

Sport in a healthy society should be what we do for fun after work and on the weekend. At a meta level it channels the aggression of young men who can in turn be mentored by their elders, and it serves as an expression of regional and national identity. In our unhealthy society, sportsmen are elevated to demigods, while the Cultural Marxist converged corporations which now dominate sport use it to push degeneracy and the destruction of the family and nation.

This is why the meltdown from the vaccinated sheep is so beautiful. True to form, the the Sport-Media Complex has been instrumental in pushing Covid hysteria for the last two years. I have no shame in expressing my joy that tennis fans who have been queueing for days to get noseraped even though they are double jabbed and boosted have been screwed over.

See how you like it, chumps. Maybe they’ll get so worked up that they all have heart attacks..

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