Djokovic Wins: Free to compete in Australian Open


Novak Djokovic has won his court appeal against the Australian government which had wanted to deport him for being a naughty antivaxxer. He is now free to compete in the Australian Open:

The decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa has been quashed by the Federal Circuit Court, and he will be freed from immigration detention.

On Monday afternoon, Judge Anthony Kelly read out a minute agreed to by both Djokovic and the government, which ordered the government to pay Djokovic’s costs and release him from detention within 30 minutes.

Djokovic’s passport and personal effects must be returned to him.

The government acknowledged it had not given Djokovic enough time to make his case while he was being held after arriving in the country.

The decision to revoke his visa under Section 116 of the Migration Act was “unreasonable”, because Djokovic had been told, at 5:20am on the morning of January 6, that he could have until 8:30am to respond to officials.

The call to cancel the visa happened before that deadline, at 7.42am, robbing Djokovic of time he could have used to “consult others” and make further submissions on his own behalf.

The world’s top male tennis player — who is unvaccinated — thought he’d successfully received a medical exemption to enter the country but he was detained by the Australian Border Force after touching down in Melbourne last week.

In a submission to the court, Djokovic’s lawyers said he contracted Covid-19 in December, which was the basis for his exemption application. But there has been confusion over whether being infected with the virus in the past six months was a valid reason to receive an exemption from being vaccinated.

UPDATE: Naturally, after Djokovic’s legal victory on Monday evening, Serbs in Melbourne rioted, surrounding a car they thought contained Novak as it left the court.


Now that this has all played out we can afford to be cynical.

Before the plandemic, sportsball was the opium of the masses. It served to reassure the pureblood White man that he still had a country, even as it was given away to the world, because his team still won nearly half the time.

With the plandemic in full swing, sportsball remains the opium of the masses. It serves to reassure the pureblood White man that he still had a country, even as it is transformed into a gulag, because his team still wins nearly half the time.

Intriguingly, Rafael Nadal has been coaxed into making comments vaguely in support of the Covid narrative which nobody actually needs to see. Thus the story for the tournament is set:

You could not hope for better publicity. Divide the masses into competing camps, pureblood vs mudblood. Give each camp a hero, Novak vs Nadal. Make them fight. It doesn’t matter who wins, as long as we’re not fighting the oligarchs.

It’s an old strategy.

And an old master.

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