Peter Garrett pretends to be upset with Scott Morrison after getting everything he ever wanted


In the last month Scott Morrison has given climate extremists and the global elite everything they ever wanted, and betrayed his voters from the 2019 election by pledging Australia to reach the target of “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050.

But it’s not enough for Peter Garrett:

Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison in an interview on The Sunday Project this week, calling the PM’s current climate change plan “a really low point in our political history”.

Reports indicate Garrett was so upset that he writhed around as though he was having an epileptic fit.

Is this parody? Who knows.

Garrett, a former Labor Minister, appeared on the show to promote Midnight Oil’s new song Rising Seas, released to coincide with the upcoming COP26 United Nations climate change conference.

The song’s video features snippets from Morrison’s infamous 2017 speech in parliament, when as Treasurer he brought a lump of coal into the House of Representatives and urged people “not to be afraid” of it.

“It was a tragic choice for us, because we don’t really want Morrison in our clip, yet at the same time that was such an indicative, symbolic, meaningful gesture on his part when he was treasurer, that pretty much sums up the problem we have,” said Garrett.

Scott Morrison could literally nuke every coal fired power station in Australia, but the far left will never let him off the hook for that one photo.

Here’s the thing about so-called “net zero”. Officially it will create millions of exciting new jobs in the green economy. In reality it will destroy Australia’s mining, electricity and farming sectors and what remains of our manufacturing.

We’ll basically become England.

So the iconic shot of ScoMo holding a lump of coal in parliament is not merely a moot point, it is a symbol of his betrayal. Not that the far left will ever admit this. They need their boogyman:

Project panellist Hamish Macdonald asked Garrett if he gave Morrison “any credit for getting Australia to net zero by 2050.”

“Absolutely nil,” he said. “It’s almost difficult to talk about on a good show, because it’s such a bad scene. We did have a scheme in place to reduce emissions, and the sky didn’t fall in – of course, it was overturned by Tony Abbott.

“I think public opinion has moved on, and the science is clearer, and the need for action is absolutely right in front of us. So it is a really low point in our political history that (Morrison) shows up with 15 pages of nothing, and I give him absolutely zero credit at this point in time,” he said, referring to the new climate change plan the PM is bringing to COP26.

This is all theatre.

Even the ABC has essentially admitted that the Hegelian Dialectic was used to get us to this point.

While conceding at every turn to an extreme Cultural Marxist agenda, the Coalition still made noises signalling support for small business and farmers. After nearly two years of Covid conditioning the Coalition can now reveal that it had one job – to pretend to stand up against extreme environmentalists, with the goal of achieving the exact same policy as Labor.

The trick now is that environmental extremists still have to pretend that Scott Morrison is a monster. That way coalition voters, although hurt, will still see all the greenie lunatics they hate attacking Morrison and assume he must be doing his best to look out for them. Greenie lunatics will see their fellow greenie lunatics attacking Scott Morrison and assume that they still have to vote for greenie lunatics to get what they want.

Thus the Lying Press plays its role in maintaining the Two Party Circus. Both sides of politics work toward the same globalist goals, while keeping the Australian people divided against each other. Ultimately they’re screwing us all.

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