In your face Tim Flannery: It’s 2021 and Perth is not a Ghost Town


On Tuesday 9th November Perth had a thunderstorm. Over 40mm of rain was added to the yearly total. Subsequently, Tim Flannery’s 2004 predictions about the City becoming a ghost town because of climate change was squelched for good, once more.

The yearly total now stands at 881.6mm. That’s 37.1mm more than the long term historical average of 1876-2016 and 154.4mm more than the “new climate normal” average between 1994-2019. Perth’s Dams are at a healthy 63.6% full at the start of summer, which means we have enough saved water for the next 14 months even if we didn’t receive a single extra drop in that time and even if our desalination plant caught CoVid tomorrow from the mandatory vaccination policy and died.

We still have another 7 weeks of the year to go, though the average rainfall over this period is only about 30mm. We may get another storm dump, we may get the occasional bit of drizzle, but we may get no more rain until mid April.

Perth’s rainfall has always been fickle and Tim Flannery has always been an opportunistic con artist ready to exploit the random nature of weather to line his pockets and further Satan’s Agenda. Perth gets the majority of its rain in the three months of winter. 1945 showed the most winter rainfall EVAH! of 957mm but the winter of 1940 had the lowest on record of just 260mm (rounding to nearest mm from this point on). Both years translated to the highest and lowest annual record because of these winter results. 1945 totalled 1339mm and 1940 just 509mm.

The bottom line about statistics is that they are completely and utterly useless for predicting the future of chaotic systems, and any “trend” is proof only that con artists are dependent upon them for their livelihood.

The premise of global warming or “climate change” is based on a pseudoscientific physics that thinks it’s okay to model the Earth as if it was a flat disk, spread sunshine over that disk so that there is no day and night or equator and poles, list the direct heating potential of the sun as -18C, then decide that heat transfer works by taking the temperature of two cold objects and adding those temperatures together to create a hotter temperature. In the physics of climate change, the way to get warm in winter is to open your fridge door and stand naked in front of it. Sooner or later the “backradiation” from the ice box that has been absorbing all of your outgoing energy will return to you and boil your blood.

In the meantime, conservative Trump supporting scientists with PhDs go on Fox News and tell people that Climate Change isn’t anything to worry about because your fridge’s ice box is too small to cause your blood anything other than mild warming and mild warming is good for you. It’s pubic hair food. Of course bodily warming is real! It’s just not dangerous as the green communists are telling you it is.

Yes, controlled opposition has been around long before CoVid. The very fact that after 33 years of Global Warming lies on every side are still being “debated”, is the reason the wealthiest Jews, 33rd degree Freemasons plus the cabal of Satan-worshiping elite families knew that they could get away with installing the Mark of the Beast everywhere.

Perth’s 2021 rainfall is just another fact that will be ignored or gaslighted as actually being proof that Tim Flannery was right all along. I share this information with you, not to change anything in the world, rather to help keep the redpilled sane. You are not the crazy one. You are not alone. Keep working to jail your politicians, government officials/experts and the puppet masters who control them.

Everything you are taught is a lie or a severe perversion of the truth. We just need to keep affirming the real, unpolluted truth to each other at every opportunity, so that we aren’t crushed by the weight of the bullshit.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.