Flat Earthers are Dangerously Wrong: Here’s Why


I am being plagued by an infestation of flat earthers. They are in my Telegram chat. They are in my church group. One even managed to get herself arrested with me for not wearing a mask at a protest in May this year. Ever since I first realised that I had been lied to about the science of global warming (aka “climate change”) and began looking into conspiracies, people keep popping up to tell me “you know what the biggest conspiracy of them all is, don’t you?”

Dutifully at first, I kept an open mind. I watched all of their videos. I read all of their blogs and arguments. I even did some of their experiments to see if they gave the results they said they did. No, things that have disappeared under the horizon do not come back into focus if you zoom in with binoculars. Don’t believe me? Try it with the sun!! You know, that big ball of blinding light that doesn’t recede to a small dot in the distance, but goes under the horizon every night in the West and comes up from under it in the East every morning and appears to be about the same size all through the day. That, unlike a low flying jet, travels at the same speed across the sky regardless of whether it is near the horizon or passing overhead.

Logic, reason and basic geometry, soon gives way to religious fervour if you point out basic reality to a flat earther and this is why I have decided to fight them. My wife thinks I should leave them alone. After all, they are standing against the agenda and, she reasons, they are not the ones harming people. But she is wrong on that last score. They are harming everyone, including themselves.

On the first level, they harm people the same way that devotees of David Icke harm people. David Icke is the worst form of controlled opposition. He tells outrageous truths as well as outrageous lies. Because the lies are so absurd, the majority of people dismiss the truth if he has told it. Thus he preemptively conditions the majority of people to reject the possibility of any and all corruption or scheming of any kind. Because to accept any of it would mean to also accept that shape shifting lizard people from an alternative dimension are scheming together at a restaurant at the end of the universe whilst sipping on cocktails of pan galactic gargle blasters.

So too, do flat earthers serve as a block to the minds of normies. If you believe that Israel planned 9/11 then you must believe the earth is flat too. Dutifully (if you are in a group of people at a Liberal Democrats Christmas Party in 2018) someone will chime in and start trying to “educate” everyone about the “biggest lie of them all”. Said hero, will then dominate the conversation for the next half hour, whilst people bury their faces into their drinks and look for an excuse to go and talk to someone else, whilst wondering if the bar actually sells pan galactic gargle blasters, instead of this cheap beer, which really isn’t sufficient to deal with the situation at hand.

For the most part though, cult members of David Icke or flat earth, fit the narrative aliens are taught about us: Mostly harmless (if you are wondering what all of these obscure references are, read “A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” by Douglas Adams). Yes, they impede the awakening of the masses, but they are failing to stop it.

The problem with flat earthers comes when they go beyond David Icke and use the Bible as their main source of “proof”. Worse, they say the reason that the “truth” of flat earth is being suppressed, is to keep people from returning to God and Christianity. This is a very nefarious example of projecting one’s own sins onto others. It’s the worst kind of blasphemy and it needs to be called out.

Christianity requires people to take on faith the seemingly impossible. Christ is the literal son of God. He died, was dead for three whole days, then was resurrected physically to life, before ascending to heaven. If you can accept that, then why not accept that nothing else within reality is actually real either? Why not also accept on faith that the earth is flat?

First, the Bible makes clear that all miracles do defy reality and are impossible. They are not normal reality. They are not rational and you are supposed to actively acknowledge that they aren’t. Human beings all have irrationality and superstition baked into our DNA. There are things we can’t explain. Our imaginations like to run wild. Our Christian faith takes that aspect of ourselves and brings it under control. Gives it focus. Gives it uniformity. We agree as a society where to place that side of ourselves. To all believe in the same supernatural events. This allows civilisation to grow and prosper and has the side effect of freeing our minds to see reality on a day to day basis as it really is.

Secondly, the Bible is simply the greatest book of truth in existence. Read it from cover to cover. From start to finish and you will discover that direct interventions from God and supernatural events are the exception not the rule. Instead the Bible lays out in meticulous detail the science of morality and faith. Justice and law. What works. What doesn’t work. Why our God is the best God and the only real God. Because only worship of our God brings about the kind of society that allows everyone to prosper and find fulfilment. The proof is in the pudding. Islam doesn’t cut it, Judaism is an abomination. Hinduism, Paganism, Buddhism, Atheism. They’ve all been tried. None of them give the same results. They all end up with one group in society totally screwed over by the other. And don’t believe the lies you hear about medieval times. First, the Kings and nobles and Priests didn’t follow the laws that scripture had laid out for them, second, the peasants knew it and had a lot more spine than our pathetic middle class of today, when it came to holding their rulers to account. See the Peasants’ Revolt in England in 1381 as a good example.

Thirdly, finally and most importantly, NOWHERE in the Bible does it say the Earth is flat. It doesn’t even say that the earth is the centre of the universe and that the heavens revolve around us. In fact the Bible tells us absolutely nothing about the shape of the Earth or about how God organised the motions in the cosmos. We are told that God separated the waters and placed heaven in between them. That’s it. We aren’t told how big heaven is. We aren’t told how planets or stars move or if they move. Heaven is above us. Hell is bellow. That is more logical on a globe than it is on the back of four elephants standing on a turtle. If you want to imprison Satan, best not giving him the option of continuing to dig down. Gravity and pressure and rocks on all sides of your molten lava home seems to be a lot more secure.

Lying about what scripture says for your own ego and self aggrandisement is the biggest sin there is. You make God out to be a liar, by lying in His name. It doesn’t matter how blinded and tricked and deceived the followers of flat earth are, they must be called out when they bring the Bible into their argument. They are the ones who keep people from returning to God here, not NASA. NASA’s biggest lie is climate change and NASA, ironically, pulls off this lie by modelling the earth as flat in order to make sunshine appear cold and only able to heat objects to a temperature of -18C. So flat earthers actually do the bidding of NASA by thinking that viewing the earth as a flat disk is ok and something that we can make accurate calculations from.

If you’ve ever debated on any subject with an agent of the enemy (either leader or a blind follower) you will have noticed that scientific evidence is completely useless against them. The human need for faith overwhelms all logic and reason. It is simply a much more dominant part of who we are. You cannot reason with a climate change cultist or a CoVid fear monger. You also can’t reason with the faith of a flat earther.

You can only defeat false faith with truth faith. Something must fill the void. Understand the danger of false faiths, both in the Globalist enemy and in those led astray by the controlled opposition of the enemy.

We must call out both. Most of all we must realise that only by unifying under a faith which has Biblical scripture as its foundation, can we hope to restore our world to the light. To do that we must call out anyone and everyone that tells blatant lies about it.

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