Cannibals Address Cop26: Demand Human Sacrifice To Appease Mother Earth


Trust the Science:

A 24-year-old activist from the Brazilian Amazon has called for Indigenous people to be put at the centre of decisions addressing climate change, in one of two powerful speeches during the opening of COP26 by young women at the forefront of the crisis.

This is real.

Txai Surui told the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow on Monday (local time) while she is relatively young, her people have been living in the Amazon for at least 6,000 years.

“My father … taught me that we must listen to the stars, the moon, the wind, the animals, and the trees, she said.

At his death, Einstein was just days away from finishing a paper plagiarising this exact same concept.

“Today the climate is warming. The animals are disappearing. The rivers are dying and our plants don’t flower like they did before.

“The Earth is speaking. She tells us that we have no more time.”

Oogabooga oogabooga bamboo the science is settled. Afterwards, delegates sacrificed several volunteers to Kali.

All seriousness aside, a couple of other indigenous people were wheeled out to speak to the conference. I am actually all for traditional dress, as I oppose other races misappropriating Western clothing, but they were clearly being fetishised by the sick globalist elite.

I like these people. I wholeheartedly support their right to live amongst their own people on their own land, under their own laws. It is the globalists who are using them to push an agenda which will make us all slaves.

World power brokers are pulling the same stunt they used with Greta Thunberg. Any warranted criticism of her is deflected by accusing her critics of attacking a retarded child. Similarly, if you criticise the tokens chosen to preach climate change pseudoscience, you insult all marginalised people of the world.

This paradox is meant to prevent people from questioning why, when we have been berated with the phrase “the science is settled” for years, we’re suddenly being lectured about mother earth again.

So I figure, let’s at least have some fun before they roast us. Here’s some more footage from the conference.

The greatest insult is that our Scythian forefathers are essentially the true indigenous people the world over who seeded the lost remnants of civilisation.

This clown show is manipulating us on so many levels it’s difficult to fathom.

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