AFL Footballer Liam Jones Retires: Loses $500,000 to remain a Pureblood


How much are you prepared to lose to keep a dangerous vaccine out of your body? Carlton fullback Liam Jones has walked away from half a million dollars to remain a pureblood:

Carlton’s Liam Jones has announced his retirement from the AFL after reportedly refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Blues released a media statement on Sunday afternoon confirming Jones’s retirement, without referencing his vaccination status.

The club said it had been in regular contact with Jones during the off-season in a “bid to provide appropriate support for the 30-year-old”.

Jones said he made the decision for “personal reasons”.

“I wish to announce my retirement from AFL football effective immediately,” Jones said in the statement.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported me throughout my journey, both personally and professionally.

“I love the game and I’ll miss my teammates.

“I hope that people respect my decision and privacy — neither myself or my management team will be making any further comment on the matter.”

Jones was contracted through to the end of the 2022 season and his decision to retire will reportedly cost him up to $500,000.

That’s commitment.

As Adam Piggott has stated, we were made to be tested. People from all walks of life are facing strong incentives to be injected with experimental DNA technology and we face an increasingly severe range of consequences for refusing.

Liam Jones can look upon his retirement from the AFL as an escape. The AFL has killed Australian Rules Football and is currently walking around wearing its skin-suit, pretending to be Australian Rules Football.

The corporation has become a vehicle used to force the most extreme Marxist ideology down the throats of ordinary Aussies who just want to switch off for the weekend. It pushes an anti-White “diversity” agenda, an anti-family poo-marriage agenda, and it encourages girls to play a game which was never intended for them, resulting in a concerning rise in horrific injuries to young women’s bodies.

Naturally, the AFL has fallen in lockstep with the globalist Covid Regime, mandating players receive the dangerous vaccine if they want to play football in 2022. This is despite a spate of mysterious heart attacks, blood clots and deaths which have stricken athletes the world over since vaccine mandates came into force.

If the long term effects of the untested vaccines prove to be every bit as bad as predicted, $500,000 could well turn out to be a small price Liam Jones pays in the short term in order to walk away with his life.

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