Aboriginal Elders Want To Fight The Army With Spears


The Australian army has been mobilised to save aboriginals in the Northern Territory from ‘Covid’, whatever that means.

Chief Minister Gunner has imposed the most draconian punishments in the world for employers and employees who are not jabbed with an experimental vaccine and he is loving the power trip. Hundreds of Territorians are fleeing to Cairns and other parts of Australia.

You don’t get to live in the Northern Territory for 40,000 years and not be suspicious when an army is rounding up your people, putting them in camps and trying to inject them. Aboriginal elders are calling it genocide and advocating for return fire with spears, cars and nulla nullas to hit the army over the head.

Aboriginals in the Northern Territory need help. Where are the advocates for aboriginals in parliament? Where are the Greens? Where is Adam Bandt? Where is this advocate for minority rights and aboriginal nationalism ‘always was always will be’? Where is this paragon of noble virtue? Where is this great white saviour? Where is this courageous champion of oppressed minorities? Where is this activist for aboriginals in their darkest hour when they need Adam the most?

Well, Adam is a Globalist and he works for the establishment. He only cares about the environment, minorities and aboriginals while they serve his agenda. As soon as Adam has to choose between third world immigration and the environment he abandons the environment. As soon as Adam has to choose between aboriginal wellbeing and the establishment’s injection he chooses the injection. So where is Adam?

Oh, here he is pushing some kind of taxpayer funded transgender surgery on behalf of some other kind of minority group. He believes medicare should pay your $30,000 penis removal surgery. I wish I was joking.

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