And the award for Most Insane Climate Hysteria of the Day goes to…


In 2015 we were all supposed to be underwater.

So you’re saying that not only should we destroy the world economy on a permanent basis under the pretext of keeping us safe from a virus when really the goal was to reduce carbon emissions, we should destroy the world economy even more.

The climate alarmists keep pushing back the day of destruction, hoping nobody will remember their false prophecies:

Global annual emissions dropped 5.4 per cent in 2020.

However, greenhouse gas emissions are cumulative, and the COVID-19 downturn has made barely a ripple in slowing warming, Professor Howden said.

“People ask does the reduction in emissions during COVID make much difference in terms of emissions projections?

“Effectively, COVID has bought us about three weeks in terms of when we’ll hit 1.5C [warming].”

“We got the behavioural change, but we didn’t get the structural change.”

“Behavioural change” and “structural change”. Where have we recently heard this sort of talk? Oh yes, from Victoria’s Dear Leader, Dictator Dan:

“Why would you get the system going, why would you get the thing up and running, and then essentially pull all that down, pull all the architecture that you’ve built, the infrastructure that you’ve built, the culture that you’ve changed.

The Covid Tyranny Agenda and the Climate Hysteria Agenda are absolutely linked. The people pushing outrageously wrong climate predictions are the same ones pushing lockdowns, antisocial distancing and vaccine mandates. The want to change everything we do “for the greater good”. They want to completely reengineer the way we behave in order to reengineer the way we live.

Intriguingly, now that Scott Morrison has been bullied into destroying Australia’s economy to achieve so-called “net-zero” carbon emissions by 2050, the globalists are happy to acknowledge that the magical “green technology” they have been banging on about for decades doesn’t actually exist:

Given the roadmap’s reliance on technology that is yet to exist, or can even be named, there are doubts over how that plan could deliver its intended outcomes.

The Australian Industry Group welcomed the government’s commitment but noted “a lot more work will be needed to flesh out the plan to get there”, while the progressive think tank, The Australia Institute, went so far as to call it “a fraud”.

How on earth could they ever do it, then? Ultimately what this boils down to is an anti-human agenda. They literally want to feed us to the animals:

It is highly recommended to take psychopaths at their word.

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