The Physical and Spiritual Fight

I see you.

Francis Berger has an uplifting post this morning on the topic of seeing and acknowledging the reality that surrounds us.

One method I use to acknowledge the spiritual war – to help keep it in the proper perspective – is to utter or think three simple words – I see you – every time I detect or discern Satanic influence or activity in the world around me (and within myself!).

For example, the other day I drove past a billboard featuring a pudgy-faced, bespectacled medical expert pushing the peck as a global panacea.

I see you. 

If you acknowledge the evil that is constantly attempting to influence your life then you will be better equipped to resist it. Which is inherent. People ignore evil so that they don’t have to specifically do anything about it. The act of acknowledgement, the seeing, is the first active step towards resisting. The first passive step is awakening to the possibility that things around you might not be true, also known as the red pill journey in our quarters.

Once you acknowledge then you will resist and then you will fight. But fighting does not only exist in a purely physical and violent way. Gandhi was a good example of fighting tooth and nail but with the influence of words and deeds as an example. This means that resisting evil that you identify can mean not complying. But it can also mean publicly acknowledging that you see it. In other words, calling out the evil so that others may see it.

On Sundays when the local priest praises the peck program and the Church’s stance on the issue.

I see you.

By publicly calling out such acts, those participating in the evil will be forced to respond. Even the act of not responding is a response to public criticism. More often than not, the powers at be cannot not respond. They cannot help themselves. And by responding they then begin to reveal themselves. It is a trap. But they are only forced into the trap by men that do not remain silent.

When good men remain silent is a turn of phrase that is constantly flung around when speaking of past tyrannies. But the truth is that if you remain silent you are not good in a positive sense, but merely good in an obedient sense. Men who are good at being men would not remain silent in the first place.

But we must not only spend active time acknowledging what is bad; we must also constantly remind ourselves of what is good, of what it is that we are fighting for.

Having said that, it’s important to note that “I see you” also works as an affirmation of Good and the active acknowledgement of Divine activity.

Whenever I encounter an individual who recognizes the deeper spiritual implications of all that is transpiring now.

I see you. 

I see many such things on a daily basis. The small church service that I attended yesterday had only a score of souls but each and every one of them was a moment of I see you in a divine way. That is why it is crucial to take the time to travel and find a real church, no matter how small. By participating while surrounded by the divine you are strengthened to continue. Conversely, while attending a service that is compromised by the deeds of the Enemy then you will be weakened by the experience.

Surround yourself with those that you will fight for, not just physically but spiritually. I would argue that it is this spiritual fight that is of the most importance, and only with the spiritual in hand can we prevail in the realm of the physical.

Begin today by quietly acknowledging both the good and the bad. Once you are good at that then move on to pointing it out to others around you, both those on the divine path and those that are corrupted. Equip yourself on a daily basis to fight both physically and spiritually.

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