The unvaccinated will be the new smokers


Over the last thirty years western societies have marginalised and stigmatised one segment of the population, a steadily increasing barrage of prejudice and ostracism, and all done in the name of keeping people healthy, of keeping people safe. Smokers have endured restrictions that with some contemplation now appear to be beyond draconian. And the propaganda was not aimed at the supposed target group, but rather at the rest of the population. It was never really designed to get people to stop smoking, but rather to habituate people to the idea that smoking was bad and that smokers were degenerates.

No similar undertaking was put in place for real degenerate behavior; for instance, hard core drug use, sexual deviancy leading to disease and death or even single motherhood and its calamitous effects on the family unit. It is a curious phenomenon that while public shaming has been made unpalatable in our supposedly civilized modern societies, with regards to the much maligned smokers, all bets have been off.

I received a couple of emails this week from a reader concerning the coming lifting of the Covid restrictions in Ireland, which are due to expire on the 22nd of October. I did some basic research and it seems that the Irish government is claiming a close to 90% vaccination rate in the adult population. I asked the reader if she thought that this was accurate or the usual government beat-up.

I doubt that it’s accurate.
But most interestingly, if my understanding is correct, the requirement that unvaccinated people sit outside at bars and restaurants is being stopped as of October 22…so all the people who got vaccinated because they believed they had to, didn’t need to at all, but if this had been known, then the vaccination rate would undoubtedly have stalled and not be what they claim it is.
This sort of behaviour by governments is in my view unconscionable. But for those of us willing to sit outside with a warm coat on, its somewhat of a relief.

If there is one country that you don’t want to sit outside for extended periods of time then it most certainly is Ireland.

But then I realised that smokers have been made to sit outside for almost two decades now. Nobody really complained about it because we had been pre-conditioned to believe that they were a foolish and medically ignorant lot, who deliberately poisoned their bodies and then let the taxpayer pay for the medical bills.

It was kind of an Ah-Hah moment. The long public persecution of smokers was a test case. A test case for our obnoxious self-styled betters to experiment with propaganda techniques against a specific segment of the population. To fine tune their approach. To see how far they could push people and then, when they overstepped the mark, to learn how to recover from any set backs.

My good reader is happy that she will be allowed back into bars and restaurants. She correctly sympathises with those that succumbed to the jab in a misguided belief that this act would set them free. But not so fast. Surely the scheming freemasons who presume to rule over us would not set such a precedent. That is, unless, the goal was to poison as many as possible with the fake vaxx.

I predict a chronic rise in Covid cases in Ireland come late autumn. Some segment of the population will be made to pay. After all, our great leaders and experts who know all and never get anything wrong couldn’t possibly be held responsible for such a calamity. A fitting scapegoat will need to be found. So that they can become, unpersons.

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