Everything they have told you is a lie


I received a number of comments, both on my own site and on Gab, on my piece that the unvacced are the new smokers. The comments that I want to focus on are the ones that disagreed with me due to the fact that secondhand smoke is so bad for you and causes so many deaths per year. For example,

Second-hand smoke causes over a million deaths per year. Smokers have no right to force other people to breathe in their deadly smoke. If governments cared about saving lives they would have banned smoking altogether, but instead they just put taxes on it.

They sure have swallowed the Kool-Aid. Regular commenter Heresolong also chimed in against another individual bemoaning the horrible activity of smoking.

You are free to ban smoking in your place. Have been for decades in any country with any sort of freedoms and private property rights. You are also free to avoid any property owner who makes a different choice. I also think they smell horrible and after going out on the town have often had to take a shower before I could sleep. I never once wished that the government would ban them as that is not the purpose of government. Especially, as Adam points out, when we are supposed to accept the horrendous lifestyle choices of others with “tolerance”.

Quite right, and two cookies for Heresolong. Because these comments that take issue with the idea that smoking might not be icky are making my point for me, the entire point of that article. To whit, you believe what the government and all of its proxies want you to believe. You believe that secondhand smoke kills gazillions every year because that is the muck with which you have been brainwashed. You think it’s true because the powers-at-be have told you that it’s true.

Well, it’s not true. The ever reliably erudite Bruce Charlton chimed in with this on the subject:

the legal/ government banning of smoking in all public places is based upon a lie: which lie is that ‘passive smoking’ has been shown to cause other people to get lung cancer and heart disease.

Proper studies always show that this is not the case, and this negative was known when I was lecturer in epidemiology and public health (and worked in the NHS bureaucracy part-time) 1993-6. Studies that claim to show a disease-causing effect of passive smoking are very obviously confounded by other causes, such as social class.

(Furthermore, it is physiologically massively implausible that ultra-dilute ‘secondhand smoke’ is capable of causing the diseases that smoking causes.)

But, muh passive smoking! Don’t you see? Don’t you get it yet? Everything that the government and all of its proxies tell you is true is in fact a great big steaming lie. All of it. Every single little bit on every single topic and every single little unturned stone with some “fact” waiting to be discovered by an “expert” is all a big massive ball of lies. It’s all untrue either because the people telling you this rot are stupid, or they’re deliberately lying to you or both mixed up together.

It’s all a charade. It’s all big business. Follow the money, follow the fucking money, show me the money, baby! Show me the money! Big pharma has not just made billions of profit over the last year, it has made trillions. Show me where the profit margin is and I will show you what they want you to believe.

Take cancer research. Before Covid this was the biggest load of bullshit in the entire medical research field. They’ve been “researching” cancer for fifty fucking years. And every year it’s another fuckwit celebrity with another rubbish fundraising appeal where everyone has to dress like homos because his wife died of the Big C and they take all the donations and they do it again and again and again, year after year after year, and what?

Nothing. Just really really expensive cures that will keep you alive in misery until every last dollar has been drained and then you will finally shuffle off this mortal coil looking like something that crawled out of the crypts of horror. Fuck that. If I get cancer then I will go out with my head held high and with the best whiskey and cigars to get me through as I read my bible with furious deliberation and great good humor.

And really, they’re just profiting off modern man’s shallow desire to live just one more day no matter what the cost. That’s why they’re trying to jab 12 year olds with this toxic crap so the old fucks can live just one more day, it’s all I’ve got, hey, did you see my boat and my Porsche and the ski lodge?

Everything they have told you is a lie. Don’t take their pills, don’t take their jabs, don’t follow their dietary recommendations, don’t do their exercise routines, don’t take 0.7 glasses of wine per day while you have your 1.2 kids, don’t listen to their music recommendations, or their reading material, or watch their evil films, don’t do any of it. Don’t be a boring shitless bastard that does just what he’s told and then has the sheer stupidity to try and lecture those of us who haven’t fallen for the crap and are trying with some very small success to wake you all the fuck up.

Smoke a cigarette. Drive an old V8 with the top down. Go to church with a smile on your face and your hot young wife twenty five years your junior on your arm. Now is the time to be a true contrarian. If you do the opposite of everything the government and its braindead NPC lackeys tell you to do then your life will have been worth living. And maybe you will have contributed to their downfall by your refusal to believe the lies.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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