But will the camps benefit the local economy?


Via the almost as attacked as often as me Western Rifle Shooters, news that the premier of Queensland has gone off on her own hat to begin building concentration camps without informing the prime minister. He seemed cool with it though. Happy to sit back while lesser members of the damned make the hard decisions on how best to persecute Australians.

They’re not calling it a concentration camp though because that would upset the Jewish sensibilities. Only one race can suffer that indignity. Apparently. So they decided to call them ‘Well Camps’. In upside down and back the front clown world, you can bet your ball bags that it won’t have anything to do with getting or feeling well. Quite the opposite in fact.

Everyone is getting on board to build it. From the local businessman to the deputy premier proudly declaring that this is going to be the real deal, the enthusiasm positively leaps off the cattle trucks. Sorry, sorry – airplanes. And perhaps even international arrivals! Not even zee Germans managed that one. No box cars trundling slowly through war torn landscapes for us Aussies, oh no, no, no. This is modernism at its finest. Australia is proudly leading the way!

From the air the proposed camp layout seems to have about the same dimensions as those other camps that are oh so infamous. I wonder if work will make you free? The jury is still out on that one but a very important question came up on the news piece when interviewing locals.

Just how would this benefit the local economy?

I’m sure that the local citizens living around Dachau had the same questions when the Nazis began erecting the perimeters. Vill ziss be goods vorr zee local economizes? Why yes, fraulein. We will be employing your sons as guards and your daughters as “nurses”. And you will be able to sell your lovely weissen beer to the inmates on Fridays which is the happy day.

I wonder if Well Camps will have happy days too. I’m sure that they will. How could they not? They are well camps, after all. You will be very well in the well camps. You will listen well to your indoctrination sessions; you will eat well your alternative food sources; you will take well your experimental medicines; you will line up well for your mandatory parades and exercise moments; you will comply well with all of the rules and regulations; you will ostracise well anyone not getting with the program; you will bury well those that sadly didn’t make it and died a tragic but hero’s death against the awful Covid.

All will be well, my friends. Trust us, we’re well camp personnel.

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