The Spirit of Revolution


Thursday, 17th of June 2021, Day 35

It’s all in the spirit. It all comes back to what is above you. It is the spirit, the soul, the essence that makes you who you are. It is the spirit that commands the mind. The mind that commands the body. We may not have all the money or manpower that our opponents have, nor the years of experience and teams of experts from all disciplines that they can summon, but “where there is a will, there is a way”.

This battle to save our people from a slow and progressive death relies on a “triumph of the will”. We must have an attitude that there is no turning back. We must have the courage to march together, locked in step into a new world. We know what we are struggling for is right and good. We know what our enemies are fighting for is our complete subjugation and destruction. To be born at such a time when the forces of good clash with evil, the forces of light clash with darkness, how could anyone with honour be confused as to what life they wish to live? The choice between sacrificing for life eternal—that being the life of our people long after we are gone, and the comforts of subjugation should be clear for all to see.

We must channel our collective will in one direction, into a collective soul and a collective spirit. The enemy is defending a lie. It must pretend to the public that White people are not being replaced in order to delegitimise our struggle. We are living in a “reality TV show”, a “hyperreality”, a “clown-world”, where everyone knows that a slow and “peaceful” ethnic cleansing is being carried out in every single White country against the White “host” population. The struggle for “legitimacy” between the governing system and revolutionary Whites who refuse to go along with this ethnic cleansing comes down to who will give up first.

The system itself is going through radical changes in an attempt to strengthen its crumbling edifice. Its democracy, economy, social order, higher culture, professional standard and most importantly its host White demographics are rapidly declining which is forcing it to institute a process of liberal tyranny. We must have the strength to be non-compliant and wily disobedient to the system’s attempts at enforcing this tyranny. We must vote with our feet and wallets, and disengage from the system whilst maintaining and amplifying our voices of dissent against the system’s lies. We must continue to delegitimise the system’s “moral authority” by pointing out their obvious agenda to destroy White people in demographics and in culture or otherwise put—blood and honour.

The system and its lies, like all of man’s creations, is limited to time. Our worldview and the Truth is eternal and like Nature, it will reclaim what belongs to it. Do not fear the tiny and insignificant sacrifices you will have to make in this life. These sacrifices are so small on the grand scale of time. Those that came before you have already sacrificed so much more than what you will ever be asked. Everyone can contribute to the combined effort of delegitimizing the system’s perceived monopoly of physical and spiritual power by simply standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow brother in this struggle, raising your flag or banner or arm and showing the world that you are not afraid and that you will not be coerced into silence or lies.

No matter how hard you think it might be, it will not be. No matter how bad you think the consequences might be, the consequences for inaction are far worse. No matter your fear of being “too early” or moving “too fast”, your failures will not be final. They are merely “science in the flesh.” Your only fear should be in being “too late” or moving “too slow”. You will never fail and learn and grow, instead you will overthink, underact, underachieve and be frozen in time while the world around you slowly turns to hell.

Hold fast and embrace the system’s persecution. It is only showing everyone how afraid it really is. All this noise it is making is the sound of the final death rattle of liberal-democracy. They have committed to a process that can not be reversed through democratic means. Whether it be racial replacement, Covid-19 or the Reserve Fractional Banking or the housing market Ponzi scheme, these issues will continue to mature, develop and deteriorate the Western world like a series of cancers that have become so ingrained into the system’s existence that they can not be separated.

Leaving a complete “reset” as its only viable option for any chance of maintaining stability and governance over its subjects.

This will in the coming years and decades create the necessary conditions for a global White revolution against the global Jewish tyranny. Conditions do not create a revolution, they only allow a pre-existing revolutionary movement to succeed. The Truth will triumph in the end. In the meantime, we must build the strongest and largest network of activists and community members to direct people towards and to physically and spiritually build the ark necessary to survive the coming global instability and flood that will follow. For this life and for those who come after.

Hail Victory!

Thomas Sewell

You can find Thomas Sewell at Telegram.