Daily Mail calls peaceful protestors “creepy” editor says “Make sure your stories are always dismissing any opposition claims”


The first thing people need to realise when they wake up is that the media are not their friend. The mainstream media are bought and owned by the elites who are pushing endless lock-downs, mandatory experimental vaccination, martial law and concentration camps.

Today, there were successful protests across Australia, they were non-violent with great grass-roots support. So when faced with no negative angle, the Daily Mail has been forced to attack regular Australians, Mums and Dads by calling them “creepy”. This attempt to disparage hard working Australians, fighting for their rights, should be no surprise from The Daily Mail. Recently, a secret zoom recording was released where the editor, Barclay Crawford, instructed his writers to “Make Sure Your Stories are Always Dismissing Any Opposition Claims” and that they should “Keep writing articles calling-out the anti-vax weirdos .. Make sure we are always rubbishing their claims”.

Secret zoom recording with Barclay Crawford, editor of The Daily Mail, instructing all his “journalists” to be propagandists.

This means the Daily Mail is a propaganda outlet for the corporations and Governments that want total control over your life. Propaganda is manufacturing consent. If you have wondered why your parents, your family or friends have taken the vaccine and comply with unconstitutional lock-down demands – its because the media told them to.

So here is how you can do your bit. Apart from staying strong, protesting and not complying, which are all important – switch off the mainstream media and start sharing alternative media with your friends. get involved. Because The Daily Mail and MSM are so treacherous to ordinary Australians, we must strip them of their power. But at the same time, we must amplify the voices in the alternative media. You can do this via social media, direct email to friends and even letter-box-dropping hard-copy information. Sharing articles like this that expose the media for what they are doing can awaken people to what is happening. Do a bit of this every day, because you are not powerless and many hands make light work.

There is so much important information that needs to get out there, like a new study from Japan suggesting that vaccines are Causing More Infectious Strains due to antibody-dependent enhancement, and boosters could make it worse. Or that masks and lock-downs are proven not to work. That obesity and suicide rates are through the roof. Small family-owned small businesses are being forced to close down forever.. And that this has been the greatest transfer of wealth and power to the elite ever achieved. So do your bit to get important information out there and help people break free from the iron grip the Daily Mail and other MSM have on information. These corporations openly promote the idea that anyone who doesn’t want to take an experimental vaccine or live in perpetual lock-down is a “creep” or “weirdo”. Its clear who the creeps really are.

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