LISTEN: Fash The Nation Podcast #431 “LGBTGOP”


Jazz and James bring the condend droughd to a close with a torrential downpour sized FTN with everything from the anniversary of Charlottesville and a call to action, a white-pilled retrospective on an era of cold takes, a silver lining in the census data and easy solutions to one of the biggest issues we face, and a nnndeep-nnndive into Anton Lazzaro, the most recent of numerous examples of craven child sex abusers churned out by the Grand Old Pedo party over the years. After the break, the nnnguys tackle the good, bad, and the ugly of the infrastructure bill, a clear-eyed perspective on the New Deal, the art of train enjoyment, shovel-ready BIPOCs only, and the broadband bait and switch. If it’s Saturday night, it’s FTN!



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