Nip Olympics Guy gets SACKED for holocaust Joke


Unlike the European Brother Wars, the War against the Nip Empire was a proper Race War and both sides fought it as such. The Nips beheaded their prisoners, took war brides as booty and preferred death over surrender. We flattened their cities and nuked the last ones left standing.

The destruction wrought upon the Nip home islands still scars their psyche to this day.

Ironically it has helped them survive the globohomo onslaught. Their racial identity means they have not been the primary target of the holocaust guilt industry, and they have focused on their own identity as victims of the only two nuclear bombs fired in anger.

Although they are still effectively an occupied territory – their constitution was forced on them by America, American troops are still stationed on Nip soil and they still call their army a “self defence force” – they have avoided mass immigration and they maintain strong social mores against anybody who muddies their blood with the few foreigners on their land.

In the West the holocaust myth has been used to demonise any ordinary Aryans or nationalist organisations which want our own countries for our own people, the logic being:

Nationalist: “I just want to have a conversation about immigration.”

Jew: “You want to exterminate 6 million Jews!!!”

For the jews, allowing the Nips to maintain their nuclear victim narrative has been useful in aiding the demoralisation of the West, inflicting more guilt on the White man for the supposed sins of our wartime fathers while denying the slaughter of 11 million Germans after the end of World War 2. Furthermore, fear mongering over a nuclear holocaust hamstrung effective resistance against Communist expansion during the Cold War.

7 decades of propaganda has led the West to the point where fear of the sniffles is about to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back of our civilisation, so now the jews can turn their beady little eyes on the Nips.

A wave of Lying Press features on how Japan needs mass immigration in order to survive has had little effect on Japanese identity. The globohomo establishment has fetishised Blasian tennis player Naomi Osaka, but she appears to be cracking under the pressure of being the pin-up girl for the destruction of Nip national identity.

The Olympic Games has been subverted from its original function as a means for nations to compete for glory on the world stage while avoiding the death of millions. It is now just another soulless international organisation which spreads buttsex and feelings to whatever it touches. Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies in particular have been transformed into satanic rituals, modern day Towers of Babel.

Bloody dancing nurses.

Hence when it turned out the Nip director of the Opening Ceremony made a joke about the holocaust, firing him served a double purpose:

  • It signals to Nip society that Cancel Culture – ie jewish Culture – is coming for them.
  • He becomes a symbolic human sacrifice to atone for blaspheming the holocaust, the foundation myth of the New World Order global religion.

From the Nip Times:

In the latest blow to the Tokyo Games, organizers have dismissed the director of the Olympics opening ceremony, just a day before the extravaganza, over a past comedy sketch making light of the Holocaust.

The Tokyo Organising Committee announced Thursday that Kentaro Kobayashi was removed from his post right after the sketch came to the attention of organizers.

His dismissal follows the resignation of musician Keigo Oyamada, also known as Cornelius, from the opening ceremony’s creative team earlier this week after it came to wider attention that he had previously admitted to abusing schoolmates with disabilities.

The new scandal is a further drag on public enthusiasm toward the Games, which have already drawn strong opposition amid concerns about coronavirus infection risks and incidents surrounding their preparation.

In the wake of the latest scandal, Tokyo Organising Committee President Seiko Hashimoto offered an apology for any offense and anguish the incident may have caused those involved in the Olympic Games, as well as to the citizens of Japan and people around the world.

In the sketch, Kobayashi turns to his comedy partner and, referring to some crumpled paper doll cutouts, says they are “the ones from that time you said, ‘let’s play the Holocaust,'” sparking laughter from the audience. About 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in the genocide.

In explaining the decision to remove Kobayashi from his role, Hashimoto said that the remarks “pertain to a diplomatic controversy.”

This guy.


This one is funnier:

What’s the difference between Anne Frank and pizza?

Pizza doesn’t scream in the oven.

It’s your XYZ.