You want to be Riggs, not Murtaugh


So it looks like critical race theory is playing out in real time in South Africa. In other words, a race war. Actually, the term race war is a bit of a tautology because outside of traditional civil wars, (ie before multiculturalism), all wars are race wars. But with so much purposeful confusion and misdirection around the subject of race, it helps to inject some clarity into the situation. Blacks teaching critical race theory in the USA are merely softening up the dumb whites for the coming slaughter. You will go to your doom in blithe contentment at your worthy sacrifice.

The Cubans have also finally decided that they have had enough and are now revolutionizing the revolution. They sure picked a hell of a time to do it though. If they do manage to throw off the Communist yoke then uncle USA will open its arms and before you know it their sons will be turning Havana into a tropical version of San Francisco while their daughters die their hair blue and begin the process of freezing their eggs so they can have it all.

These two current examples of things getting real in real time have some common elements, however. Namely, if you find yourself caught up in the near future in the same situation then you want to be armed and you want to have a close supporting network. By close supporting network I mean people whose skin color is as yours. That is the only close supporting network that is going to make a shred of difference.

This seems obvious I know, particularly when I began this little screed with the fact that wars are based on race. But it’s hard to get this through the head of Joe your neighbor because he knows this really nice guy who is black, one of the best guys he knows. So he hears your words but the process system backfires into a kind of blah blah blah blah like what your dog hears when you begin discussing the evils of feminism with him. He might come back at you with some sort of inanity such as, ‘everyone bleeds red, man.’ And then you know that you’re dealing with a genuine liability.

In other words, there is one more important skill that you must possess if you are to survive in such a situation as what is playing out in South Africa, also known as diversity + proximity = war. You must possess a complete awareness of race and your place in it on a macro level. If you do not have this, if you have been lulled into a dream-like state because of your cool black friend that you go ten pin bowling with, then you will not survive. You will become culturally enriched.

In all aspects of life your mindset is key. But in moments where things are coming at you fast then your mindset is everything. Don’t be the guy in the movie that the hero has to convince along the way while dodging exploding donkeys that things are getting real. You want to be Riggs, not Murtaugh. And you’re definitely not buddying up with Murtaugh because no matter how many pitches of margaritas you shared together, he ain’t on your side, even if he doesn’t know it himself yet.

That’s the beauty of war. You know who is on the other side. It’s because of their uniform and I’m not talking about clothes.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.