16 year old Aussie nationalist arrested AT SCHOOL for his political views

Australia’s finest in action.

A 16-year-old National Socialist has been charged by the South Australian counter-terrorism unit with multiple counts of possession of extremist material.

Before they charged him, he was told that he would not be put through the judicial system if he worked with youth inclusion.

He has found this out from his lawyer, the police have not directly contacted him or his family about the charges.

His residence has been raided three times in the last two years by counter-terrorism due to his National Socialist views, using the pretext of “Searching for Extremist Material” to obtain a warrant. The most recent raid against the National Socialist teenager resulted in him being arrested at school in front of his peers.

When he attended youth inclusion programs they presented images of memes that were found on his phone and said that they were grounds for arrest and charges. They also said they found applications to join “right wing extremist groups” but presented no evidence of this to him.

This again confirms the futility of trying to appease the vermin hell-bent on persecuting you. Do the opposite of what counter-terrorism tells you to do; that’s a line to live by.

We need to stop pretending these people are policemen interested in stopping criminality and terrorism. They are witchfinders interested in finding witches. The sooner you reach this conclusion, the safer you will be going forward.

Every word that comes out of a political policeman’s mouth is intended to fuck you. Don’t talk to them. Don’t meet with them. Don’t collaborate with them.

Socially distance yourself from the political police. If you feed them, they’ll keep coming back like pigeons.

You can find Jacob Hersant at Telegram.