Merlino says anti-vaxxers are a fringe minority but then admits only 2% of Aussies have been vaccinated


This Merlino acting Premier of Victoria comes across as a complete pussy. At least Dictator Dan had the air of a bully to go along with the totalitarianism. This Merlino guy (I don’t even know his first name…nobody knows his first name) comes across as somebody who is trying to remember the script handed to him by his globalist overseers:

Just to make things clear, this guy thinks that if you don’t want to be injected with poison you are despicable. That’s called projection, whatever your first name is.

The XYZ has been unable to confirm reports that the vaccine makes your forehead expand.

Anyway, there are two really intriguing aspects of this little snippet from this is this Merlino guy.

Firstly, He is trying to characterise people who quite rightly don’t want to be injected with poison as a tiny minority. However, he admits in the very next sentence that only 2% of Australians have got the jab. Keep in mind that the vaccination centres in Melbourne were practically deserted before the latest attempt at mass hysteria by our masters.

Nobody who can think actually wants the vaccine, and rightly so.

Source: Stephen Wells triggers everyone.

Secondly, he referred to Victoria as a “jurisdiction” and compared us to other “jurisdictions”. This is quite telling globalist language. They don’t think of Victoria or Australia as a homeland for the White subjects of the British Empire, and they certainly don’t consider it their duty to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

This Merlino guy sees Victoria as a jurisdiction to be managed. He sees himself as a regional governor, trying to keep the natives at bay while he replaces and poisons us on behalf of his masters in the UN and their masters in Zion.