Masks signal your compliance


Seeing all the pathetic sheep wearing their masks outside gives me a real understanding of why the ruling class has so much disdain for ordinary people.

Imagine obeying something so blatantly designed to control you and force you to acknowledge the rulers’ power over you.

There is no reason for wearing one, other than to signal your compliance to corrupt ruling class edicts.

If I were a dishonest ruling class I’d have disdain for these people as well, let alone the foreign one who hates us for simply existing.

White people need a ruling class that will actually represent them, but do they really deserve one given how cowardly they are?

I can’t say they do right now, the Lord has delivered white nations into the hands of the heathen, and white people are too stubbornly ignorant to even realise or accept it.

Weak men are now doing all they can to create hard times, and all they have to do to is say “yes massa state, I’ll do whatever you tell me massa, just be nice please dear massa.”

It makes me sick.

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