The Murdering Bolshevik Jews

Ukraine, 1930’s.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn said these people are not Russian,

About the murdering Bolshevik Marxist Jew,

Who, without any scrutiny or little repercussion,

Committed horrific atrocities; so much more than we knew.


They laid waste to the Ukraine, creating the Holodomor

A manufactured famine that starved every village

And industrial scale death came knocking on the door,

Through confiscation of house, food and tillage.


They indiscriminately killed 40 million followers of Christ,

Tortured, maimed and murdered, in the name of equality.

Brazenly, with Satan they allied and diced

With unspeakable, despicable murderous atrocity.


They invented the lie of the Holocaust

To deflect from their crimes against humanity,

But it is the truth that has been totally, irrevocably lost,

Amidst murdering, lying Bolshevik insanity.


And in the current era, they’re at it again

Because their evil never sleeps.

Their kvetching souls spreading untold pain

But the Devil plays for keeps.


Those evil monsters who inflict and maintain,

The lies of equality and tolerance; truth to tell,

Will pay for their crimes and ill-gotten gain,

Burning for eternity in the fires of Hell.