Parasite calls Aussies parasites


Harry Triguboff is a jew.


Before Australia closed its borders due to the fake pandemic, he used his money to bribe the Australian government into maintaining replacement level mass immigration so he could fill the skyscrapers he builds with cattle from wherever he can get them.

Triguboff was very upset when he first came to this country that Aussies lived in a homogenous White society, and that we lived in our own houses with big backyards where we could play cricket and footy and Mum could hang out the washing. He was determined to make us all live in little apartments in deracinated shitholes. This is literally how he made an estimated $11 billion.

Because he is a jew.

He is the literal definition of a parasite, yet he has the nerve to label Australians the parasites:

“We have to also stop this work from home,”

“You can have figures that they will work. I say they only work half the time…

“The bosses of the banks cannot tell me any more that they are very careful; that nobody gets sick.

“Nobody’s sick and nobody got sick in their lousy banks so, forget about that. They should stop being parasites. They have to work.”

Parasites always project.

The plandemic has had its upsides:

  • Closing the borders has temporarily stopped mass immigration, which gives us a demographic chance.
  • Although the debt supernova has gotten bigger Australia’s economy has not fallen in a heap, demolishing the argument of mass immigration proponents on both the left and fake right who claim that replacing our native stock with hundreds of thousands of foreigners every year is the only way to have an economy.
  • Aussies have discovered that we don’t need to subject ourselves to the ritual humiliation ritual that is peak hour traffic and public transport in Australia’s big cities. Working from home has been a blessing for many of us.

This makes jewish parasites such as Harry Triguboff very nervous. If we don’t have to squash ourselves into overcrowded CBD’s the price of commercial property in the CBD’s goes down.

Which means he loses money.

It’s like making a jew do exercise or manual labour. They’ll never forgive you for it and will probably go on for the next 80 years about it and make up stories about how it nearly killed them. So he’s lashing out and calling us the parasites.

Harry, get the hell out of my country.