Mehreen Faruqi SLAMMED for DISGUSTING TWEET about Prince Phillip


A foreign whore who does not belong in Australia, Mehreen Faruqi, has ben slammed for a disgusting comment she made on social media about the late, based, Prince Phillip:

She has quite rightly been walloped:

It just goes on like this. She is getting cut to pieces and rightly so. She is stupid. Not so much because she has been allowed access to all the wealth of the West yet feels entitled, from her position of privilege, to frame herself as a representative of the oppressed.

Mehreen Faruqi is stupid because she has not considered what happens when White people have finally had enough.

Now, I am not going to launch a passionate defence of the Royal Family in general, or as I like to call them, the blood drinkers. However I will point out, as I have done so with my commentary on the Meghan and Harry soap opera, that Marxists denigrate the Royal Family because the Royal Family is an avatar of us, it represents ordinary White people.

When Marxists attack the Royal Family, they are by extension attacking White people. Thus we can expect the same treatment when we are gone. Good examples of this is the open hostility which Marxists have for the oppressed Boers in South Africa, and the callous disregard the Lying Press has for White victims of black crime.

They hate you, they want you dead, your children raped and they think it is funny.

If you are angry about this, I can assure you that you are not angry enough.