Australia needs to be more racist


Editor: Originally published June 6, 2020. Republished in response to an otherwise excellent independent Australian news website which posted the world racism map unironically.

Racism is good. If is was a bad thing, the Liberal establishment and their Jewish masters would be telling us to be racist. But racism is a good thing, so they’re dead against it. The fact that our Liberal establishment is not racist is evident by the fact that they scramble into a nonsensical frenzy at the mere suggestion that we are racist.

The Chinese government understands this. They know we are not racist, and therefore weak, and that we will fall over ourselves to prove that we’re not.

From the Australian:

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham has rejected China’s accusation of Australians attacking Chinese people during the coronavirus pandemic.

China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has advised the public to avoid travelling to Australia, citing racial discrimination and violence against Chinese people in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There has been an alarming increase recently in acts of racial discrimination and violence against Chinese and Asians in Australia, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the ministry said in a statement on Friday evening. It did not give any specific examples of such discrimination or violence.

“We reject China’s assertions in this statement, which have no basis in fact,” Senator Birmingham said on Saturday.

“Our rejection of these claims, which have been falsely made by Chinese officials previously, is well known to them.”

He said it was unfortunate that Australia had to close its borders with China to protect the country from COVID-19 as it spread from Wuhan.

They’re toying with us.

They know that we know that China is one of the most racist nations in the world and Australia is one of the least.


But the Chinese understand that racism is a good thing. The term “racism” was coined by a Jewish communist in order to undermine homogenous white societies. People of the same ethnicity and race are supposed to prefer to live next to each other and in a homeland for their people. We are supposed to want to marry people of our own race, to have children that look like us, to want to pass on our genes, our culture and thousands of years of our collective civilisational wisdom to the next generation.

These desires are natural, it is how a people survive.  It is called in-group preference.  Remove in-group preference and a people die.  The invention of the term “racism” is designed to undermine in-group preference among white people.  Thus the invention of the term “racism” was an act of attempted genocide.

The accusation of “racism” is used to trigger white people into dropping all defences, to yield to any demand, in order to prove that we are not racist. We have been socialised into believing that so-called “racism” is the worst thing ever, and the few centuries that white people turned the tables on non-whites and held them as slaves rather than the other way around, the fake holocaust, and the fact that we were better at building empires than the rest of the world for 400 years, are held up as evidence of our so-called “history of racism”.

The Chinese are actually what Cultural Marxists and Liberals deem to be “racist” and are therefore strong. In-group preference (racism) is the immune system of a people, it prevents outsiders from overrunning one’s homeland because a strong people simply won’t allow it. The Chinese are overrunning our Australian homeland, and they know that all they have to do is cry “racism” and we will just bend over and let them keep coming.

Applies equally to Australia.

Australia is going to have to learn to be racist again. Nationalists are going to play a big part in this transformation. We will be resented for it, but without this transformation to rediscover our original racist selves, Australia will not survive.