The free speech crisis is a jewish vs non-jewish issue


Erik Striker has noted the following on Telegram:

This is the big truth that the ruling class don’t want you to know, they want you to think it’s all about communism, or feminism, or “wHiTe NaTiOnAlIsT tErRoR”.

If everyone knew and openly spoke about the fact that it’s actually jews doing all the censoring on behalf of other jews, then the jews would be in a very dangerous predicament, one that they’ve been in many times before.

The cycle goes like this:

  • White nations naively let jews into our lands.
  • jews use parasitism and subterfuge to gain wealth and power.
  • jews use that wealth and power to oppress White nations, and steal more of our wealth.
  • White nations wake up to what the jews are doing to us.
  • White nations expel the jews and take revenge for all the persecution and oppression at jewish hands.
  • jews run off and cry “oy vey, we are so persecuted, this happened for no reason at all, oy vey! Anti-semitism is the wurstest!”
  • Repeat.

jews know the price for their violence, oppression and parasitism, they know that this price gets paid when the people they are persecuting and stealing from wake up to what jews are doing and that scares the hell out of them.

Hence, the best thing we can all do is name the jew without shame.

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