The Australian government WANTS to sell us out to China


Today, every Liberal Democracy in the West and every converged multinational corporation across the globe is celebrating a day inaugurated by the second most murderous regime of the 20th Century; International Women’s Day, courtesy of the Soviet Union, which had a body count of at least 60 million.

And I just make sure I don’t overdo the butter, so like, that’s how I make a sandwich.

How fitting that on this day, when the female in charge of defending Australia has taken more time off work because she can’t handle the stress in the wake of her failure to defend her female staff member from an alleged rape, when she is relieved by another almost identical female and a female in opposition calls for her removal, that the Australian Defence Force is telling women that the ADF lets them do what they love.

We’re sitting ducks.

I can see my vagina from here.

There is only one way this is headed.

The solution to this fluff is obvious. Women belong in the home.

We Australian men must reassert our masculinity and our leadership over our women and over our nation. There is no cultural ground the crazy feminists have taken which wasn’t surrendered in the first place. Women don’t want any of this crazy feminist nonsense, and where we lead they will happily follow. This is the natural order; together we create life, men defend life and women nurture life.

Australia is defenceless. The Australian government is deliberately replacing its founding Anglo, Celtic and Saxon stock with people from every part of the globe. It is simultaneously feminising and “diversifying” its defence force. If the Australian state expects White Australians to fight for the Australian state if Australia is ever invaded it is poorly mistaken. White Australians will not fight for a Regime which is actively exterminating us. The invasion of Australia would be the start of The Australian Civil War.

However, as this video by Thomas Sewell explains, this dynamic is well known by elements within the Australian Regime and is essentially part of the plan.

The Australian Regime plans to cede Australia to China, they are on the side of our primary racial enemy.

Aside from replacing us, the Regime has been psychologically prepping White Australians for a very long time. I always wondered about the term “Australasia” during my high school and university days in the 1990’s as I studied Australian politics and defence policy. Why were academics referring to a place which didn’t exist?

It was predictive programming. You create an abstract concept in people’s minds, then spend the following decades making it a reality. You normalise the idea, people accept the reality as it materialises around them.

This is the context in which we should view the Howard government. The normie narrative is that John Howard capitalised rightly or wrongly on the “backlash” against the multiculturalism and multilateralism of the Hawke and Keating governments, skilfully coopted the message of Pauline Hanson, and led Australia to a decade of unprecedented stability and economic growth during a period of international crises.

The reality is that Howard, Hawke and Keating were all on the same side. Hawke and Keating pushed too far, too quickly. Howard exploited the desire of Australians for Australia to remain Australia. He coopted One Nation’s message, imprisoned Pauline Hanson and turned her into controlled opposition. He used the legitimate threat of Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration after Israel did 9/11 to appear tough on border control. This tough image belied the fact that he expanded Australia’s migrant intake, and the so-called “diversity” of its intake to unprecedented levels. This unprecedented immigration helped to artificially expand Australia’s GDP and create the illusion economic growth and the avoidance of a recession. The Sydney Olympics and our apparent dominance of world sport in the early 2000’s were a sugar hit, a mirage to disguise the fact that the government which purported to defend “Australian values” was replacing the Australian people.

The Australian Regime judged in the 1990’s that it needed a few more decades to turn their plan into reality. We are living in the time when this plan will either come to fruition or we will oppose it with all our might.