Death of a Boomer


Rush Limbaugh died last week, may he rest in peace. Rush is an unusual name; I do not think that I have ever come across it before. I never listened to him as I don’t listen to radio shows or podcasts; I find them tedious. I knew of Rush though as he was often held up as the Great Conservative Dream by Americans that I came into contact with. And then there was his association with Donald Trump. So when he died there was a lot of proclaiming that Rush was the greatest thing ever for the right.

But I have my doubts.

First of all, nobody gets that big without official sanction from the gatekeepers. I don’t need to discover or research if Rush took the ticket; it is obvious by his success. But Rush became so big, (his audience was estimated at over 35 million which is more than the population of Australia), that in effect he became a gatekeeper as well. But whereas gatekeepers let people in who are prepared to get with the program, Rush guarded his gate in a different manner. He kept everyone on his own side out.

By that I mean, whom did he mentor? Who did he bring through the ranks to replace him? Which dissidents on the right did Rush get behind, to give them a helping hand up to a wider audience? The answer is nobody at all. Rush’s main replacement on his show when he wanted time off was fellow fossilized boomer Mark Steyn, more known for his cringe worthy crooning of old show tunes than someone who would dare criticise the conservative belief in the unending wonders of civic nationalism.

Rush spruiked those same wonders until the end, even though privately he was on record saying that civic nationalism was a terrible mistake. But even at the end when he had literally nothing to lose, he refused to disavow it. Rush’s line was his masters’ line, and he parroted it beautifully. He made middle class whites feel fine and dandy with their own mass replacement and destruction of their way of life. He did this by pretending to give them a voice when in fact he did absolutely nothing at all to stem the tide. He rode the gravy train all the way until the very end.

Here is an obituary on Rush from Andrew Anglin which makes interesting reading.

People aren’t really aware now, but in the Bill Clinton years, Limbaugh was basically a proto Alex Jones. He would talk about the New World Order conspiracy to build a global government, freemasonry, and communism being a Jewish conspiracy. He would mix that with the standard pre-William Buckley type conservative views on race and sex.

In the early 2000s, he was having some personal and professional problems, and he got the opportunity to sell out and promote those wars that George W. Bush did for the Jewish Lobby.

Even when Rush was selling out, the thing that he was preaching would have been good if it wasn’t a big scam. That is to say, it wasn’t like Charlie Kirk promoting gay anal sex with men in Africa and saying that liberals are the real homophobes. He was not polluting values in the way that modern “conservatives” do, he was simply lying. There is a qualitative difference there, and the record should show that. Rush never promoted homosexuality, feminism, or race mixing. He never tried to change traditional American values, he just used traditional American values to push a bizarre Jewish agenda.

That same bizarre Jewish agenda is exactly what is behind all that promoted homosexuality, feminism and race mixing. So in effect he did try to change traditional American values. Rush was far more dangerous than an obvious plant like Ben Shapiro because to so many Americans Rush seemed like the read deal. They trusted him to tell them that everything was going to be okay and he provided the pretty lies that they desired. A Boomer lying to Boomers so that they could feel good about their poor life choices and the mess that they have bequeathed to the following generations.

He loved heritage America while he sold it down the river. But don’t worry, Boomers. Another guy will magically appear and step up to take that one place at the top of the conservative pyramid. And you can keep on believing what you hear while disbelieving all that you see around you.

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