Jew admits to using institutional power to lobby against White men who are against Jewish institutional power


Anybody who understands the basic biological reality of race can easily discern the fundamental flaws in the theory of multiculturalism.

It is natural, normal and good for people of a certain race or ethnicity to want to preserve their genetic integrity. This is achieved by living in one’s own country and procreating with one’s own people.

In the long term, multiculturalism destroys the genetic integrity of a people, ie it is genocide. Multiculturalism does this by forcing people of different races to live side by side and dissuading them from procreating with only their kind, ie it relentlessly pushes miscegenation propaganda.

This process works over the course of decades and centuries. In the short term, artificial fissures are created in society, because as stated, it is natural, normal and good for people to want to preserve their genetic integrity. In an artificially multiracial society, the racial groups which can promote their interests the best through the capture of institutional power have the best chance of preserving this genetic integrity and promoting their ethnic interests, while those around them blend away into a beige blob of nothingness.

The primary criticism of jews is that they do exactly this – they seek to gain institutional power in lands which are not their own and use it for their advantage. They undermine the homogeneity of societies because they have been conditioned by a long history of existing as outsiders in homogenous societies. The more outsiders in said foreign land, and the less the dominant racial group asserts its dominance, they safer they feel.

Sadly this tends to backfire, as there does not seem to be an off switch, so they keep running the programming until society collapses or a backlash occurs.

Dvir Abramovich. Source.

This failure to include an off switch in their approach is evidenced by a blindspot in their thinking. In the video below, linked to by Thomas Sewell, jewish advocate Dvir Abramovich recommends using institutional power to silence native White Australians who advocate for their own racial group, and who point out that jews have a disproportionate level of institutional power. He is essentially denying that jews have institutional power, while simultaneously advocating wielding jewish institutional power against another ethnic group and to even declare them as “terrorists”.

As stated, it is natural, normal and good for people to work to preserve the genetic integrity of their racial group. Problems are caused when different ethnic and racial groups are forced to live side by side. Inevitably they vie for dominance, which leads to unnatural division and conflict.

The solution is ethnic separation. The best way to preserve all ethnic groups and the genetic diversity of mankind is for each tribe of people to live in their own nation.