Food For Thought – DC Capitol Comics, Siege Edition

Hail the patriots, fuck orange life matter! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

President Donald Trump, the uber Zionist, has aligned with the kosher certified fake news media presstitutes, the corrupt cowardly politicians, and the neo-liberal plutocrats by condemning his supporters for their violence (which should be noted was publicly goaded by Trump before the siege on the U.S. Capitol).

This bloviating orange asshole actually called the cops on his own supporters, and thusly is directly responsible for the outright slaying of unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt…

Seriously fuck Trump, and hail these patriots using winning tactics.

Because as the Zionist system chants “muh democracy”, it should be noted what worked with a democratic vote in Australia back in 2017. This tactic was reiterated recently by Tucker Carlson.

Hence the latest Soviet tier CNN enemies list.

But as millions of ordinary people will attest, nothing is more satisfying than seeing photos of patriotic citizens laying siege to the Capitol whilst waving the confederate battle flag within its walls. Particularly as the most contemptuous, corrupt, and cowardly people who make up the U.S. Congress huddle on the floor in fear.

This storming of the Capitol truly was awesome and marks the beginning of something that should make the anti-White kleptocratic kritarchy worry. A future where Whites write their own narratives, and relentlessly utilise tactics that win results, rather than empty promises from orange faced turncoats who stab their own people in the back.

Food For Thought.

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