Food For Thought – Trump’s Anti-White Presidency In A Nutshell

Remember any glib rhetorical gestures made by Trump towards Whites is void of policy backing it up and merely a ploy for votes. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The reason why Trump has an abysmal approval rating among White working-class voters, whilst there is a 71 percent approval rating coming out of Israel for him, is by no means a coincidence.

Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent did a brilliant job of explaining the monumental disaster of Trump back in February of this year in a piece titled Trump’s Chumps.

In summary the Trump presidency has overseen a doubling in illegal immigration, deported fewer illegals than Obama, built border fencing that’s less than that under Bush and Obama, increased guest worker programs, proposed amnesty for DACA, ineffectual travel ban (aka “Muslim Ban”), no ending birthright citizenship, assassinated Major General Qasem Soleimani, bombed Syria, Jullian Assange went to prison (NOT Hillary), Homosexuals and Drag Queens have been welcomed into the GOP fold whilst White Nationalists have been stigmatized and condemned by Congress, DHS, CIA, NSA and FBI (with FBI director Chris Wray, who was appointed by Trump, declaring White Nationalists on par with ISIS), signed an Executive Order ostensibly outlawing criticism of Jews and Israel, and have emboldened organised Jewry to foment harassment, doxing, deplatforming, and chronic ANTIFA and BLM violence (further aided by police stand-down orders).

Trump’s kosher kleptocratic kritarchy has overseen the Fabian Financial assault on Nationalists whilst simultaneously bankrolling the neo-Bolshevik paedophile trans antifa groid golem-tier culture collapse that is systemically aided by Feds.

The Trump administration has ostensibly overseen an expansion of criminal penalties pertaining to Whites attempting to collectively organise for their interests, whilst every other demographic freely enjoys this privilege.

Meanwhile virtually EVERY liberal-media shill paints Trump as the personification of “White Supremacy”, hence why creepy Joe Biden (who openly says Whites becoming a minority is a “good thing”) is even doing better amongst the White working-class than the Orange Zionist gangster boomer butt-goy.

The moral of the story is don’t vote in 2020! Stay home and send the explicit message that whichever Zionist puppet is put up by the red (Republican) and blue (Democrat) political cartels for the Presidency is an unholy non-representative compromised stooge.

Perhaps then the masses might start waking up and fighting back?

Food For Thought.

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