The Red Pill is a World Without God


I’ve heard it said that feminism ruins women, while the red pill/MGTOW/PUA movement ruins men. I think this is fairly accurate, but in the sense that the viruses in question ruin the respective sexes in different ways. The red pill has two distinctive ways of ruin for men. The first is the temptation to the vices of lust and hedonism and many sins against the 6th and 9th commandments. The more common ruin is the loss of hope and a withdrawal from the possibilities of having a  family. The absence of attainment of female companionship for men further leads to a loss of ambition, of the drive to create something worthwhile in the world that could attract a woman to be one’s wife.

The really tricky aspect to the red pill is that in a logical manner, it is not wrong. The 16 Commandments of Poon that Roissy coined, as an example, are all well proven to have a strong basis of fact. The books by Rollo Tomassi also fall under this category. They are factually correct. They are how the world works as regards to women.

But with a caveat: they are factually correct if you inhabit a world without God.

The Red Pill, then, is the ugly reality of the relationship between the sexes without God. The Red Pill is thus a strategy to survive relationship pitfalls in a secular world. But it is critical to understand that this secular world includes the very vast majority of Christian churches, as the Church itself joined with the protestants and embraced modernism just over 60 years ago.

The Red Pill is the reduction of romantic relationships to an entirely mercenary proposition, where every man can never relax as a more skillful practitioner of the foul red pill arts could be just around the corner ready to steal his concubine.

The Red Pill is a reduction to life without loyalty, meaning or hope. It is grounded on a life based on fear. As a result, it entails no planning for the future. It is the work of the devil. It is a world of suffering, but not for God, rather for ourselves in cohesion with Satan.

Catholics are not immune to suffering. On the contrary, we should welcome suffering, because the more that we suffer here on earth then the less we will have to suffer afterwards. The purification of our souls will happen whether we like it or not. Better to suffer here than in Purgatory.

But the great difference between a traditional Catholic marriage and a Red Pill relationship is that the Catholic marriage is grounded in a journey; a journey towards God. It is the primary responsibility of the Catholic father to guide towards God the souls of his family, as much that is within his powers. A Red Pill relationship has no journey. It ends when it ends, and then either a new consort is found or death has knocked upon the door.

Growing up in the modern secular hedonistic world, we have been blinded to this reality and thus we seek to believe that which we see with our own eyes and discover for ourselves. The Red Pill rose precisely when it did because the men of Gen X needed answers. And we found the answers that we sought, but what we didn’t understand was that it was the world itself that we had been sold that was the issue. The rupture of the relationship between the sexes was merely a symptom of the far greater and much more terrible malaise. A world without God.

And that is a world without hope. As Christians we believe so as to to build our faith. We build our faith so as to conquer our fear. We conquer our fear so as to have hope. We have hope that we may arrive at grace.

In the world of the Red Pill, none of these or any other of the virtues are present. It is a world of power and domination; a world of constant manipulation; a world of fear; a world of hate.

But you can only reject the Red Pill if you embrace God, the traditional Catholic God. It is no coincidence that so many former Red Pill writers have chosen God. It was the natural progression for those who really seek truth. The real answer was there all along. We thought that we were discovering amazing and secret rules about women, but what we were really revealing was the truth behind the great lie.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill.