Never saw it coming: Allergic reactions to Pfizer Vaccine in England


Two health workers in England have reportedly had allergic reactions to the new Pfizer vaccine. The rollout of the heralded coronavirus vaccine started yesterday in Airstrip One, but the warning bells were activated almost as soon as it began.

It is being stressed that the two recipients had a history of anaphylactic reactions and already carried out epipens, but the danger is clear. The vaccine is not particularly ‘safe’.

No vaccine is ‘safe’. We understand the way it works – we are given a small dose of the poison so our body can build up a strong enough resistance to it without it killing us. Vaccines are supposed to go through a long testing period with multiple trials. Attempt to fast forward this process due to political pressure and these sorts of things are likely to occur.

Except the Pfizer vaccine doesn’t work like that. It uses something called mRNA. I don’t know what this means, so here is a helpful video.

I watched it and I still don’t know what it means, but I did notice that the nice lady said this new technology is easier to upscale and mass produce, making it useful in responding to emerging pandemics.

How convenient.

The field of play is now set. Vaccines using a new technology have been rushed through a testing process in less than a year, and already recipients are having adverse reactions. Big Pharma has a product, and a planet locked down using the pretext of a flu with a 99%+ survival rate has given Big Pharma a global market. Anybody who expresses scepticism about either the coronavirus or its corresponding vaccines have been pilloried by the globalist media all year and censored and banned from globalist social media.

You are right to be suspicious.

But it is not what we do not know about these new vaccines that makes me suspicious. It’s the whole set up which makes me suspect that the vaccines are designed to do something very genocidal.

The world’s population has been conditioned in 2020 to view a vaccine as the only way to get our lives and our freedom back. Destroying small business worldwide and increasing the wealth of the globalist elite is a pretty cool play, but their plans are much bigger than that. Globalist leaders have been banging on about The Great Reset all year, yet the moment enough people caught on to it they tried to tell us all it was a conspiracy theory.

That’s the thing, it is a conspiracy. The globalists have manufactured a problem in order to manipulate the world’s population into begging to be injected with the solution. This is how you depopulate the earth.

These first vaccines off the racks are likely intended to manage what is being termed “vaccine hesitancy”. The intention is that people will have adverse reactions so they can be seen to be responding to legitimate concerns. New vaccines will have undergone more rigorous testing, the technology can be tweaked, the Mk. II or Mk. III will work much better. In the meantime the perennial lockdown will just make people more desperate.

Sooner or later they’ll roll out the one which really has been tested.