The United Ethnostates Of Nordland


White people make up 8% of the world’s population so if you flood all white majority countries with non-whites you eliminate white children for ever. There will still be a billion Africans in Africa, a billion Indians in India and two billion Asians in Asia.

‘Man is happiest at home’. Most peoples on Earth are happiest living amongst their own. It is natural to love yourself, your family, your people and your nation first before you help others, so nationalists of all races are on the side of nature and represent the natural order. Only white people have to be reminded that it’s okay to love and protect your children before your neighbour’s children, due to years of relentless Globalist antiwhite propaganda.

The process of speciation only occurs when populations are geographically separated, allowing us to evolve into a higher form of homo-sapien or at the very least allowing the human races to remain beautifully unique. The amazing polar bear, the fearsome grizzly bear and the adorable panda bear only exist due to geographic separation induced speciation, but if mixed together their wonderful diversity is lost for ever.

We must understand that Nationalism by its nature is weaker than Globalist Empires. Nationalist power blocs are generally restricted to small regions, states or nations and is hampered by finance and low populations, although unity can make up for some of the weaknesses. Globalist Empires on the other hand conquer and subvert huge masses of diverse populations which they tax farm to fund huge militarilies.

If a tiny nation decides to go Nationalist and rejects Empire they can be carpet bombed and firebombed into submission by surrounding Empires. Taiwan has little power against the Chinese Empire which can spend a tiny part of its tax revenue to muster troops from as far as Tibet to Manchuria to bomb them into compliance and then flood them with Africans, Indians, Indonesians and Arab Muslims to prevent Taiwan from ever challenging the Empire’s reach again.

When a couple of Nationalist nations get together like Germany and Italy they will be carpet bombed and firebombed into submission by all the empires of the world such as the Russian Empire the American Empire and the British Empire with all their dominions.

Forming isolated nation states in a world ruled by Empires is not the solution to white survival.

White people inhabit the top of the world from the British Isles to Germany to Russia to Alaska to Canada. We also inhabit some of the bottom of the world from Australia to New Zealand to parts of both South America and South Africa.

If we are ever to survive we must unite the whole top of the world and the outposts at the bottom of the world with a survival pact, a respectful trade and co-operation plan and an obligation to drone any leader who tries to start another brother war. We must encourage all the members to draw up repatriation plans, such as the British Patriotic Alternative Party has done where they will pay any non-white 100,000 pounds to return home where they can live with their own people in their own country as kings.

In the colonies we must honour the vanquished indigenous peoples by giving them what we would want if we were conquered and that is an independent nation state where they can preserve their race and culture while maintaining their natural evolutionary trajectory.

As white people are a very caring and considerate people, we will always offer non-white peoples some of our technology and medicine with the understanding that they must not use it to negatively impact the environment or harm themselves or others. We will make it illegal to sell plastic bags or military weapons to 3rd world countries. We will put Bill Gates in a cage with guinea pigs so the 3rd world can test their vaccines.

As we evolve we must seek new worlds uninhabited by humanoids. We must build colonies in the Arctic and on the Moon then springboard into the Milkyway. We will travel space with copies of The Lord Of The Rings so our grand children will learn from our Earthly evolutionary experiences and never fraternise with the locals of the far flung galaxies.

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Blackthorn Jack has traversed many mountains and valleys of the world learning about exotic cultures. He noticed that the capital of Japan is full of Japanese, the Capital of India is full of Indians, the Capital of Nigeria is full of Nigerians but the Capital of England is only 40% English! What's going on? He studies natural medicine and seeks cures for anti-white meme pathogens.