Trump will win


“Trump will win.” That is my answer when someone brings up the recent and fraudulent US election. If someone is a card carrying believer in the MSM, this statement comes as a slap across the face with a wet face mask. Curiously, they do not laugh, these true believers. They go red in the face. They clench their fists. They splutter and mutter, and they attempt to revert to ridicule but their first reaction obliterates that escape.

Because they are unsure. They do not know what is happening.

From other people I get a different kind of reaction. First there is surprise, and they ask me to explain further. So I tell them the truth. I tell them that the Democrats put no effort at all into winning the election. All I have to do is to mention Biden’s few solitary speeches to empty parking lots from behind his face mask. Compare that to Trump’s unrelenting schedule of up to three rock star conferences a day, to packed and exuberant crowds.

At this stage my interlocutor will nod his head. Usually I will witness a smile. And then I tell them to be of good cheer, to trust in what is happening. The media are on the side of the lie, and so to consume any of their product is to fall into their embrace. You will become discouraged and disillusioned. You will begin to doubt what you believe in. You wonder if you have been foolish to even think for a moment that this edifice could be turned around by good and true men. And that is what the Enemy wants to happen. He wants you disillusioned, beaten down and weak. But the test of a true man is when all hope seems lost.

Like I said, the Democrats did not prepare to win this election. Rather, they prepared to steal it. But they underestimated the enormity of the gap between their man and ours. And so, late on election night, they panicked. They flipped all of the switches on all of their last minute backup plans, and they flipped them all at once. And so they left a trail that a blind man could follow. Which is why when I bring this up to those enslaved to the lie that they go red in the face. Because they now doubt.

However, do not be so determined on the shape of the victory. As I have written before, the USA was founded on false pretences. In fact, since I wrote that piece I have discovered that George Washington and many of the founding fathers were secret Freemasons. The only way for us to win is for the USA to lose. Be careful what you wish for. So Trump will win but what will that mean? An end to the Marxist tyranny and good will to all men? Hardly. It will mark the move into the next stage. The skirmishing is almost over. The real battle is about to begin.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.