Food For Thought – Nobody Believes Butt-Goy Biden Is Beating Trump

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Following on from my US election bet it appears the voting tally has been hit with various Democrat chicaneries chipping away at the prospect of a Trump win in multiple states with broad based voter/election fraud.

Trump warned of this back in August:

With no “big blue wave” having eventuated as predicted by the kosher certified pollsters, pundits and presstitutes it seems apparent that this is their only subversive strategy for seizing the White House from Trump. Literally no-one of any character is buying the steal though.

Imagine my gentile shock

Even though this totally undermines any notion of a “progressive mandate” to battle the supposed “White Supremacy” Democrats blame for everything, this will be the narrative they pursue IF allowed to gain the White House.

Trump of course is not a White Supremacist, but this Leviticus tier scapegoating by the Democrats against Trump is intended to give that impression on behalf of the Jews that contribute more than half of ALL donations to the Democrat party (yet make up merely 2-3% of America’s population).

Seriously who genuinely believes this stuttering senile slimeball is winning anything against Trump? At least Clinton could half coherently covey her treacherous talking points, Biden doesn’t appear to know what planet he is on.

Fact is Biden legitimately winning this election has the same sort of odds as Woody Harrelson having never smoked marijuana.

The funny thing is if Biden wins it will literally act as a monumental psychological and spiritual decompression for Whites that have been living under the Ashkenazi anaesthesia of faux-White Supremacy (explicitly attributed to the Trump administration by the kosher certified establishment).

Oy Gevalt!

But as the Jews will remind us “ZOG is just a White Supremacist conspiracy theory, goys”…

Food For Thought.

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