The Oera Linda Manuscript


The Oera Linda manuscript was written in a form of Old Frision, purporting to cover historical, mythological, and religious themes of remote antiquity, from 2194 BC to 803 AD. The manuscript came to light in the 1860’s. No-one is sure if it is genuine or created by very learned scholars of historical and linguistic excellence, but either way it is a very interesting and insightful book.

The Oera Linda speaks of the original sacred language of the white man that was intended to serve our people and make it impossible for criminals to misuse or manipulate it without being exposed. The manuscript goes on to explain how our original language was slowly changed through the intermixing of our people and subversion by false priests and merchants.

Asha Logos will take you on a wild journey into our distant past and even explains that the first alphabet and Runes were derived from the spokes of a chariot. Interestingly, the ancient Aryan Hindus used the same symbol derived from the 6 spoked wheel. This ancient symbol of ours has recently been hijacked, besmirched and tarnished by false priests and merchants.