How The Israelis Meddled In The 2022 Midterms


From the National Justice Party.

Joseph Jordan

Much has been said about “foreign meddling” in the American electoral process in the last seven years. Democrats will often scapegoat Russia for electoral defeats, while Republicans enjoy spinning up Chinese conspiracies.

What is not debated is authentic election meddling, as in, agents of foreign governments spending exorbitant amounts of money to influence how American citizens and legislators vote.

Throughout the 2022 midterms, the Jewish lobby quietly tipped the scales against several candidates, mostly Democrats, who have expressed even mild concern over the United States’ slavish relationship to Israel.

According to FEC data, Jewish front groups such as the Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), AIPAC’s United Democracy Project, NORPAC, Pro-Israel PAC and others spent $70 million dollars to decide multiple congressional races during the midterms.

In the Ohio 11th Congressional District Democratic primary, Jewish groups spent over $3 million dollars in two separate elections, one in 2021 and the other in 2022, to secure victories for Shontel Brown over her opponent, former Bernie Sanders campaign head and Ohio State Senator Nina Turner.

Many left-wing activists projected that Turner would win the race in 2021, citing grassroots momentum, a growing campaign chest filled by small donations, and the natural turnout advantage ideological voters have in special elections. This optimism was dashed after Turner, a critic of Israel, was subjected to a vicious and well-funded attack campaign to prevent her from winning.

Brown, whose funding came overwhelmingly from out of state pro-Israel Political Action Committees with little else, wound-up defeating Turner in a victory she has even admitted would not have been possible without the immense support of Jews with dual loyalties.

During Turner’s attempt at a 2022 rematch, the Israel lobby once again single-handedly financed Brown’s re-election campaign. The financial advantage was so overwhelming that some of Turner’s main supporters, such as the Justice Democrats, cited Israeli intervention as the reason they would not bother contesting the Ohio race again.

In Maryland’s 4th District Democratic primary, pro-Israel groups spent $6 million dollars to overwhelm Donna Edwards, who previously represented the district from 2008 to 2017, on behalf of Glenn Ivey.

Jewish groups targeted Edwards for what they perceived as a voting record that was insufficiently pro-Israel. Prior to the avalanche of money from the Israeli government’s lobbyists, Edwards and Ivey had comparable fundraising numbers in the six figures range — what is normal for these types of races.

This template was repeated in other key races in Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New Jersey where Israeli money was the deciding factor in electing a string of pro-Israel “black progressives” and Jewish candidates. Observers have noted that the goal of this over-the-top election meddling is not just to artificially secure victories for preferred candidates, but also to intimidate sitting American Representatives and Senators.

The stranglehold of the Israel lobby over the Democratic Party has also played a significant post-electoral role. The new Democratic minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries, is bankrolled almost entirely by the Israel lobby. If Democrats manage to win back the House and keep the Senate in 2024, Jeffries will be the House leader, while Senator Chuck Schumer — the sixth highest recipient of Israel PAC money in 2022, with $546,007 — could retain his position as Majority Leader.

The level of foreign influence that Likud affiliated billionaires such as Haim Saban, Paul Singer, and Bernie Marcus exercise over America’s legislative branch has severe consequences for our country’s national security and geopolitical direction.

Both Republicans and Democrats in the otherwise dormant and feckless US Congress are currently coordinating to undermine any diplomatic outreach by the Biden administration to the Iranian government.

The heavily Jewish Biden administration is seeking a provisional reprieve from the Iranians after years of sanctions, indirect military engagements, and attempts to isolate the Islamic Republic have failed. With China and Russia by its side, Iran has grown into a regional superpower in the Middle East, despite Washington’s best efforts to stop them. The Israeli government, which publicly opposes negotiations, is currently seeking American military support for a strike on Iran, a decision that would be highly unpopular among the American people.

For Biden to succeed in formalizing any sort of agreement with Iran, he would either need to sidestep the Zionist controlled US Congress or find a way to convince them to vote in favor of an Iran deal. American legislators have a compelling financial interest to side with Netanyahu instead.

From the National Justice Party.