Thought for the Day: Do we really have to see Peta Credlin’s boobs?


I pointed out the other day that it is a sad indictment of modern Victoria that men feel the best way to win a battle is to let a woman do the fighting for us.

Peta Credlin has indeed torn Daniel Andrews a new one. She has single handedly forced him and his ministers to release their phone records to the the Enquiry he established to prove his innocence, and she has already claimed her first scalp.

Naturally, the cucks on the fake right can’t get enough of her.

I’m disturbed by this video. We all know the degeneracy Game of Thots is known for. I really don’t want to see Credlin’s droopy boobs.

On a similar topic, Adam Piggott has this week burst the bubble of Trump’s nominee for the US Supreme Court, Amy Barrett:

“Yes, Barrett is Trump’s diversity hire. She is a smart choice for him, in the short term. But the long term effects will be disastrous. We don’t have to wait and see to know the result. We simply have to open our eyes and look at every single other example from history.”

Good call:

She disavowed White Supremacy. She’s a cuck.

Seriously guys, stop simping.