Patriots Counter New Think By Learning Sanskrit

An ancient Aryan/Scythian.

The reason our ancestors started using spoken language was so they did not have to act out every thought that they wished to convey. A sound could be associated with a thing just as it was with a feeling. With a chain of sounds one man (or ape) could communicate to his tribe complex stories that previously would have taken a long dance and required full attention.

Our language was passed down from generation to generation acquiring new words and forgetting unused words. Language became a sacred part of our culture and only our elders were permitted to meddle and tune it to reflect our people’s best interests. We have inherited the language of the kings and the greatest minds and explorers that ever walked this Earth and travelled through water, air and space. This sacred language was even spoken on moon for heaven’s sake.

Why did our elders drop their guard? Now our language has been besmirched and manipulated by our enemies to harm and destroy us. The parasitic mind virus has been deliberately inserted into our language to corrupt and manipulate our very thoughts. Who would have thought this would happen at the peak of Western civilisation?

George Orwell predicted the Marxist rise of Newspeak in his prophetic novel 1984 where grammar would be simplified and vocabulary would be designed to limit the individual’s ability to ‘think’ and articulate ‘subversive’ concepts such as non politically correct (non-Marxist approved) identities and thoughts.

Cultural Marxism divides our society into minority victim groups and sets them against what they call the ‘straight white man’ and our elders, the ‘old white men’. They control the language and continually redefine words until certain words are loaded with so much baggage that they are impossible to even use for intellectual conversation. How can we communicate when our words have been changed and manipulated into trigger words for their NPC army of dead shits?

Recently I had a conversation with an antiwhite and to avoid an argument I decided not to talk about politics, partly because all the political words and concepts are loaded. It would be like trying to find common ground on a minefield so I decided to talk about economics where we had fundamentally the same position. I quickly realised that all the economic terms have been loaded beyond recognition too.

Initially we were making plenty of common ground because we both believed that we need a state and law to ensure a level as possible playing field for businesses, quality control and the prevention of monopolisation. Then I pushed my luck by saying that the nation’s leadership must reflect the people’s will and the long term goals for the nation in order to administer acceptable businesses practices.

I found myself explaining the definition of each phrase and labelling each phrase with a prefix to distinguish it from the corrupted version just to create a coherent sentence. I had to point out that the ‘Free Market’ (classic) in its original form is the opposite to the ‘Free Market’ (modern) in the modern sense, since Globalists have associated it with corporate monopolisation free from rules in order to get the classical believers of the ‘Free Market’ to support them.

I went on to explain that ‘socialism’ was a natural European response to the industrial revolution’s exploitation of children and the poor but it was hijacked by Karl Marx and turned into a centrally planned dictatorship of a chosen elite over everyone else. Instead of the people sharing their produce they had to give it to the state to redistribute at the mercy of the ruling class.

I said that ‘classic socialism’ and ‘classic Free Market’ is the opposite to ‘modern socialism’ and ‘modern Free Market’ understandings so please use the correct prefix while constructing a sentence to avoid confusion.

By now the loaded words were triggering programmed responses in this antiwhite. It’s hard having an intellectual conversation when only one party gets this stuff. I ritualistically denounced the ‘modern free market’ and called for understanding as I held up the ‘classic free market’ as an ideal, but it was too late.

So I don’t need to say that the economic conversation ended with me begging this antiwhite to read the Wealth Of Nations and The Communist Manifesto. Then I added “Karl Marx not only wanted to hijack socialism for the Globalists but he wanted to destroy the family too, which he states very clearly.”

This exchange got me thinking. English is our sacred language. We can’t just let our enemies use and manipulate our language at will. Imagine if we learnt an aboriginal language and then started a process of redefining their words and loading them up with baggage until aboriginals could not even have a conversation with each other without sparking an argument. Can you see how evil and divisive the deliberate manipulation of language is?

Imagine if we went into aboriginal communities and with their own language told them that ‘Diversity is their greatest strength’ and then pitted the diversity, victim groups and their women against the ‘straight black men’ and mocked the ‘old black men’? Imagine twisting and manipulating their language so they no longer have any words to defend their people without tripping on a ‘black supremacist’ trigger word. This level of barbarism would be unthinkable and totally immoral on multiple levels but this is exactly what the antiwhites have done to our sacred language.

Latin is a dead language and has not been corrupted as much as English. Maybe we can learn Latin so that we can have intellectual conversations again? Perhaps we should go right back to our Ancient Aryan mother tongue, Proto Indo European, with which Sanskrit is its closest relative. This might be the only way that we can shake off the Antiwhite mind virus and reclaim our destiny to the stars.

The origin of Indo European Languages including Sanskrit and their pronunciations.

Raymond Foster from Australian Vanguard explains why India has degenerated from its Sanskrit speaking golden age and how Australia can avoid shit on our streets.

Gaiea, a beautiful white woman sings in Sanskrit about the wonder of the universe.

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