Daniel Andrews got beaten up by a girl

Please don’t make me do that again.

Women belong in the home.

The fact that a not-stupid woman has finally run rings around Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews during his daily gaslight show disguised as a press conference merely indicates his own stupidity and low-T.

As XYZ reader Coal Man has noted:

“Oh, keep an eye on Peta Credlin. She’s a barren middle age woman who regrets not having children. Her childless angst is currently being unleashed on Dan Andrews. It’s going to be great political theatre.“

It also reveals the low-T of male journalists in general, and the fact that Feminism has created an environment where men feel that the only way to win a battle is to let a woman fight for you.

From nEwS.cOm:

Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff Peta Credlin has ambushed Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews at his daily coronavirus press conference, grilling him on why crucial phone records have not been handed over the hotel quarantine inquiry.

Credlin, a Liberal insider and Sky News host, asked at least a dozen detailed questions about the phone records, which she argued could shed light on who decided to use private security in the bungled quarantine system.

Note nEwS.cOm’s attempt to discredit Peta’s victory. We can can see what you’re doing, guys.

In a statement to the inquiry published today, Victoria Police chief Graham Ashton referred to a six-minute phone call he received where he learnt details about the private security plan, but couldn’t remember who the caller was.

Credlin asked the Premier repeatedly why he wouldn’t freely hand over the records to the inquiry to clear up finally who made the decision to hire private guards.

She said the inquiry didn’t have the power to compel Mr Andrews or Department of Premier and Cabinet secretary Chris Eccles to hand over the records.

“For the avoidance of doubt are you, Chris Eccles and indeed your chief of staff prepared to provide your outgoing calls in that six-minute period?” Credlin asked.

“We’ve been happy all along as the inquiry has sought information from us – from any Victorian – and the answer should be yes,” the Premier replied.

Old Dick Ears is very good at giving non-answers. His usual approach is to then turn on the questioner, to intimidate them into shutting up:

He’s not used to people refusing to back down. Like any bully, he can’t handle this:

Credlin stepped in again and asked: “Can you provide it anyway whether (the inquiry) ask for it or not? It goes to the heart of the question of who had called Ashton?”

The Premier replied: “I would’ve thought we well and truly established if not from today’s press conference but from many I’ve done in recent times that the inquiry is independent.

“The inquiry act makes that clear – that’s not a matter of opinion, that’s a matter of fact – and I’m not going to get into telling the inquiry what they should be seeking, what they should be calling for or finding.”

He went on to say it was within the inquiry’s power “to raise those matters”.

But Credlin interjected, saying it was not within its power.

“Under the Victoria inquiry act, it does not have the power to request from you or your chief of staff or Mr Eccles phone records … but you as an individual, your chief of staff and Mr Eccles can willingly provide information now and completely clear up this six-minute period that has been subject to a whole lot of debate and conjecture,” Credlin said.

The Premier replied: “I understand the point you’re making but the point misses a key element here.

“I’ve given evidence, Mr Ashton has given evidence, there’s no federal or state prohibition on people being asked a question in fact they’re obliged regardless of which government passed the law to answer fully.”

I have read and re-read this sentence several times. It does not make sense. This is deliberate.

But the fiery exchange continued when Credlin stepped in again to say “Ashton wasn’t asked”.

“He does say that someone called him with that decision (private security guards) — he cant recall who it is …” Credlin said.

“Well, there you go,” the Premier chimed in.

“No, no please,” Credlin continued on. “He’s a former police commissioner who clearly says he had a call in that period of time. He cannot remember the name but he says it was an individual … So if his record of his incoming calls could be obtained we would be able to tell who called him.

“If you, your chief of staff or Mr Eccles provided your phone records at that time and if you did not call Mr Ashton this whole matter would be cleared up.”

The Premier replied with harsh words for the TV host.

“With the greatest of respect, if you’re putting it to me that somehow you’ve got the power to put the request of me but the board doesn’t, that’s just not right,” Mr Andrews said.

“If the board requires that information or any other information, they can seek that from anyone they choose.

“I don’t agree with the notion that now you and your network have an ability to put something to me and make a request of me but the board of inquiry doesn’t. The board has that power.”

Translation: “I am only going to tell you the truth if a sham legal instrument I established to make sure they don’t find me guilty of anything orders me to tell the truth.

Peta followed up on Sky News, vowing to see this through to the end:

Meanwhile, the list of Andrews’ lackeys grows thin:

In statement sent to the hotel inquiry and published on Friday the then Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton revealed how he received a phone call from an interstate colleague informing him of the decision of National Cabinet – in relation to hotel guards.

“Between 1:16pm and 1:22pm someone had given information to CCP Ashton of arrangements to use private security, although he could not recall who gave him that information or advice,” the statement said.

It went on to detail Ashton had obtained his mobile telephone billing records but these only included incoming calls from other Victoria Police executives.

It comes after former health minister Jenny Mikakos turned on Premier Daniel Andrews, saying his decision to “subvert” usual cabinet process caused Victoria’s hotel quarantine disaster.

In the bombshell statement submitted to the hotel quarantine, Ms Mikakos took aim at Mr Andrews and also threw Jobs Minister Martin Pakula under the bus.

“The haste with which this program was established saw the usual cabinet processes subverted with the Premier,” her statement said.

Daniel Andrews is a little man who is losing credibility. Keep in mind that whether he stays or goes is immaterial to the globalists who are coordinating the global plandemic lockdown.

Removing Daniel Andrews will not remove the jackboot from our necks. The entire system must be brought to its knees.

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