African Gangs are learning to PsyOp


Some sudanese woman has been given some plum role as head of some taxpayer funded organisation.

She has vowed to “fight back” against Aussies.


From SBS:

Ms Nyuon says she is excited to see young Australians of African background responding by “fighting back” against racism in her state.

They have the audacity to name this abomination of an organisation the “Harmony Alliance”? We literally gave her everything she ever had:

Born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia where her family fled to escape the Second Sudanese Civil War, Ms Nyuon came to Australia as a refugee in 2005.

Arriving in Melbourne aged 18 with the dream of becoming a lawyer, she obtained her VCE and studied a Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University before being accepted into law school at Melbourne University.

Ms Nyuon now works as a lawyer in Melbourne. About three years ago she started speaking publicly on race and human rights issues, including media coverage of so-called African gangs, and more recently, COVID-19 law-breakers.

These people have learned from the best. You brutalise a people, then project your own crimes onto your victims and milk them for all they’re worth.

From the Harmony Alliance homepage.

It’s a scam, a shakedown. It’s criminal. It is psychological warfare, screaming at our people that we are privileged oppressors in order to keep us in submission.

I would hesitate to call this awful woman a psychopath though. She is simply acting in what she has been convinced is the best ethnic interests of her people. While the indigenous Anglo population of Australia appear weak and divided she believes that engaging in this standover racket will benefit sudanese people in Australia.

She should consider however, just on the off chance our people remember that we are actually the strongest tribe, we have a rich history of repelling the foreign invader.

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