Our elders are literally being sent into nursing homes to die of Diversity Flu


Yesterday The XYZ reported on the bizarre fact that we have quarantined an entire state, shut down the country’s economy, indeed the world economy, under the pretext of protecting our elders from the Diversity Flu, yet it is predominantly our elders who are dying of the Diversity Flu.


Given that the median age of death from Diversity Flu closely matches average life expectancy, the most logical action would be to quarantine the elderly and those with health issues (ie fat people), and leave the economy open so we have the resources to cope with a real pandemic.

Instead the government has done the direct opposite. It is sending elders carrying the China Virus directly to places where there are more elders.


From the Australian:

Elderly people in aged-care facilities infected with COVID-19 are being refused hospital admission and are instead being heavily sedated in understaffed and under-siege nursing homes.

The Australian can reveal Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services has refused to hospitalise COVID-infected aged care residents.

Instead, residents with clinical needs who are at risk of “wandering” and infecting other residents and staff have been heavily sedated with medications including morphine, midazolam or the anti-psychotic, risperidone.

Medical experts say the practice of sedating elderly patients with COVID-19 is “inhumane” and risks exacerbating their respiratory condition and potentially even causing an earlier death.

The Australian has confirmed younger aged care home residents, in their 40s, have also been sedated instead of hospitalised or moved to another facility where they can be kept in isolation.

The federal Aged Care Response Centre, set up in July to ­address the surging number of COVID-19 infections in nursing homes, has demanded DHHS urgently stop turning infected elderly patients — including those with clinical needs such as dementia — away from hospital.

The DHHS had said that it did not have beds for “those type of people at this point in time”, sources said.

A senior federal government source said DHHS was turning away “frail, elderly COVID-positive patients”.

“They are reserving the beds for who knows what,” the source said. “You can’t imagine higher-priority patients. What’s happening is they are wanting to keep beds free in case — but in case of what? This is the ‘in case’.”

It is worth reading the full article. This is a huge scandal. To repeat, we have destroyed the economy and been forced into mass house arrest under the pretext of protecting the most vulnerable from the Diversity Flu. Yet the Victorian government’s policy has directly exposed our elders to Diversity Flu.

If an elder gets sick it is logical to get them as far away from a nursing home or aged care facility as soon as possible so that they don’t infect the staff who could go on to infect other elders. Instead of minimising the spread to our elders, this policy maximises the spread. It defeats the whole purpose of a state-wide quarantine, lockdown and cerfew.

Considering the hotel quarantine scandal and the fact that the Black Lives Matter illegal gathering was allowed to occur, one can make the case that the Victorian government is largely responsible for the Diversity Flu outbreak in Victoria.


Daniel Andrews’ position as Premier is untenable and he must resign.