Food For Thought – Auditing Dan Andrew’s Aberration

To quote L. Ron Hubbard “A Suppressive Person isn’t critical. A Suppressive Person is a person who denies the rights of others.” Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Scientology is a subject that often enters my train of thought from time to time when processing the overwhelming amount of insanity that comes out of the milieu of clown-world these days.

In recent years Scientology has formed an alliance with the J-woke Nation of Islam and its spiritual leader Louis Farrakhan, much to the disdain of the kosher corporate controlled media cartels like Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch (who has been going after Scientology since the 1960s).

Scientology has also had an impact on some notables in the ALP milieu over the years, from Phillip Wearne (the owner of Australian Trade Union Press), to Race Mathews (economist, chief of staff to Gough Whitlam, former federal member for Casey, and former state member for Oakleigh), to Julie Owens (federal member for the division of Paramatta), to Martin Whitely (mental health researcher, author and former state member for Bassendean in Western Australia).

The Anderson Report, which saw to Scientology being outlawed in Victoria from 1965 to 1973, was spearheaded by Victorian Labor state MP John Galbally (whose former electorate was abolished in 2006 by Steve Bracks’ Labor government). Scientology has since been recognized by the High Court of Australia as a religion with the constitutional right to tax exemption.

Fast forward to the current year here in Victoria where there is an absolute state of disaster thanks to Labor Premier Daniel “Dick-ears” Andrews, who has used the COVID-19 hysteria to level a prolonged assault on section 116 of the Constitution of Australia which relates to religious freedom.

Dan who is a noted butt-goy of a certain ethno-centric theocratic state that uses sexual blackmail to control Western politicians may very well have some kompromat information hiding in a closet somewhere. I mean it’s not beyond the pale when you consider the fact that every elected politician in Australia that has been convicted of child rape and child pornography charges have come through the ALP ranks.

Dan, who has forced Victorians to mostly congregate online now for religious activities, is probably not too worried about his blackmailing Israeli buddies targeting our electronic devices with spyware, because as we know Dan loves BLM tier Bolshevism and hates anti-Semites.

Heck I imagine if we got Dan holding the e-meter cans his needle would be floating at the very thought of violent Talmudic communist rioters smashing in White people’s skulls.

Care for some Dianetic auditing there Danny boy?

Food For Thought

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