Doctors be like, how many likes did my selfie get??


There’s a publication called the Journal of Vascular Surgery. I like to peruse its contents while perched on the thunder box. Helps to get the juices flowing, if you get my drift. Helps with blockages. Takes all types.

Recently the good journal made a statement that female doctors should demur from posting selfies wearing bikinis and consuming alcohol as this may well detract from their professional image and cause patients to seek advice elsewhere. In other words, the journal was attempting to help female doctors to be more professional and thus to make more money. To become financially independent. Because that is what a young girl who plays with dolls dreams of being when she grows up.

The response was as you might suspect it to be.

Med-bikini is now trending.

Complete with artful tattoo.

The nurses got uppity. File this under the women ruin everything category. Yet another reason to stay away from doctors. Professional journal calls out hoes to stop acting like hoes; hoes take it to 11. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along. Just another peaceful protest. And cue the future outrage that female doctors don’t earn as much as their male counterparts because sexism. The gals sure are dumb as dog shit.

But have no fear, the gals are getting financially independent. It’s what they dream of now as they don’t need no man.

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